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  1. How am I spamming my jerseys in every other thread when I've only posted them 2 times?
  2. Looking forward to it! By the way..don't mean to hijack. So don't - Slim
  3. Thank you for your input. Do you think I should strip off all the patches or leave them as they are? I'll go ahead and wash the sharks jersey..do you know what settings to use for the wash machine? Thanks, Ben
  4. The color tone of where the patches were are much lighter. There's stains throughout the jersey tho no yellowing. I took pictures of all the jerseys. How do I upload them? Thanks, Ben
  5. I recently picked up 7 jerseys at an estate sale with 4 being authentic. I picked up a Penguins, Nordiques, Sharks, and a 1992 All Star Game jersey..all with fight straps. The problem is that the original owner customized these jerseys with his name (Sutter) and number (23). I used a seam remover and took off the 23 from the Sharks jersey but the color tones are easily visible and you can see where the patch once was. How would you all go about this? Would you remove the patches or just leave them as is? Thanks, Ben
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