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  1. I am looking for a white Buffalo Sabres ultrafil size 48. Can be blank or numbered. Thanks! josh
  2. I have 2 tickets for tomorrow night's hawks/Flyers game. Sec. 222, row 8, seats 5-6. Parking Pass in Lot K. These are my season tickets. can email them today. Thanks. Josh
  3. Love that TBTC Price jersey. sweet. my favorites are a white Belfour jersey with the 91 ASG patch, or a Senators Hossa jersey, #18. It's my good luck sweater, but I get weird looks when I wear it to hawk games. Trying to post pics, not having the easiest go of it.
  4. Great deal with Gr8erade. Sick Forsberg jersey, fast shipping and super great guy!
  5. I am looking for a Black Hawk TBTC barberpole jersey. blank is fine, or numbered with Roenick. Also looking for an ultrafil blank islanders, or a numbered Leddy home jersey. Thanks! Josh
  6. Just saw this thread. Love your fan cave. Been a hawks fan ever since I can remember. My first game at the Stadium was Jan 12, 1986. I think it was against hartford. It was the same day the Bears won the NFC Championship. I fell in love immediately. I've got a few jerseys, my favorite is a white Belfour. Ive been looking for a TBTC jersey like the one in the original post for years. If anyone has a lead on one, I am interested! Go Hawks. Winter Classic was a great game, tough ending. So glad John Scott is not on this team anymore. by the way
  7. I think the WC jerseys are really sharp. Wish I could have gotten a Leddy one from the Hawks. I plan on getting one after the game. Just one question, what is CSL?
  8. Ok, so I just saw this thread (I haven't been on in a few months, new kid, busy at work, and so on..). I went to Union, and was very excited to see this thread title. then I read it. And I have to say, I am disappointed, but not that surprised at the administration's actions. As someone else mentioned, Ghost is the first big name player to come out of the program. Hockey is the only D1 program at Union, the rest are D3. We used to have a mean field hockey team, let me tell ya I was so proud of my Dutchmen back in April. I did play by play for the team in 96-97. They sucked. So great to see them finally produce a few players (Kinkaid, Grosenick, and Ghost) who have played or will play in the NHL. I have a replica jersey from 96, but the style has changed. Wish I could get one with a frozen four patch on it.
  9. Love the TBTC jerseys. Been looking for one of those since 1991 (I was only 13 at the time, didnt have the cash to pay for it!). Go Hawks
  10. I'm a new user, but have Blackhawk tickets, can I post for sale, or do I need to have a certain number of posts? I looked around and did not find any rules or regulations regarding that. Thanks, I love this forum, big, jersey nut, much to the dismay of my wife! Josh
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