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  1. Back up goalie jersey = game worn. NHLers get a pension for playing 400 games, if you're a goalie, and you sit on the bench for 400 games, you get a pension. The NHL considers you being a part of the game, so that's good enough for me. You wore it in the game.
  2. Tyler

    SVP Sports Sale

    Might head up again tomorrow.
  3. Tyler

    SVP Sports Sale

    I'm heading over today if anyone is looking for anything....
  4. With all due respect, get lost man. Wayne PMed me days before you posted in the thread. I made arrangements with him and we only got around to meeting up today.
  5. is your fuhr maple leaf jersey still for sale? please email me at directstudio@rogers.com

  6. Tyler

    Hockey Metal

    Sirius is so hit and miss. I only listen to Lithium, Boneyard and Hair Nation. The decades channels (80's and 90's) play good music from each decade but then they place some super sketchy stuff.
  7. What did they charge you? I may try this.
  8. A guy on eBay has two Canada Olympic jerseys done properly, and says they were done at the same place Hockey Canada gets the jerseys done. I assume this is that place in Vancouver that was mentioned before.
  9. Anyone get the correct cresting on one of these (with the thin twill name, proper nameplate material)?
  10. Tyler

    It arrived today v2.0

    Iced on the Island - Nice pickups! Any chance you'd sell the Leafs heritage jersey?
  11. Tyler

    It arrived today v2.0

    Picking this up tomorrow, a 09/10 Beauchemin/Yushkevich jersey. Worn by Beauchemin (also signed by him) during warmup on one of the decades nights. Just bought it, and sadly I have to move it already. PM me if interested.
  12. I don't think the LeClair has a nameplate. Very cool on her part, greatest gift of all is that she supports you in this crazy and expensive hobby. Congrats on landing a keeper.
  13. Tyler

    It arrived today v2.0

    According to hockeydb he played 1 game in 96-97. I was sure they wore Gorton's most of the year so I thought it was a safe bet he wore the fisherman only.
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