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  1. With all due respect, get lost man. Wayne PMed me days before you posted in the thread. I made arrangements with him and we only got around to meeting up today.
  2. is your fuhr maple leaf jersey still for sale? please email me at directstudio@rogers.com

  3. Looking for a Leafs patch for my '96 all star jersey (unless I sell). They wore the blue Leaf on the jersey that year. Any help is mucho appreciated.
  4. How does this look? http://cgi.ebay.com/New-York-Rangers-1994-All-Star-Game-patch-nhl-hockey-/320637194384?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item4aa7775090#ht_1765wt_1141
  5. Doesn't matter. At that steal of a price you are still getting a good deal.
  6. Is the colour of blue for the nameplate different?
  7. 1991-92, that would be great if you could.
  8. I thought this thread might be best, anybody have a picture of a Grant Fuhr TBTC jersey or Grant Fuhr playing in a TBTC (like a shot of his back)?
  9. They do this with countries with small time hockey teams (Israel, Iceland, Macedonia). But Russia is known for hockey, and Ovechkin doesn't play in anything small time.
  10. I had a legit Bobby Hull blackhawks replica (premier) listed that got taken down for being fake. eBay is going to hear it...
  11. First of all, supporting people who sell fakes and make a living out of ripping off legitimate companies is absolutely insane. Second, yes it is brutally obvious to anyone with eyes which jerseys are real and which ones aren't, these fakers cheap out BIG time and it shows. Please don't buy fakes. I'm sure your dad would be cool with an old CCM 550 that comes relatively cheap.
  12. I'd say you're good on that one mate. Replica's, especially CCM 550's are almost never faked. I had one of those exact jerseys (with a C though) so it looks good to go.
  13. The shiny puffy crest, shiny letters and material of the jersey looked off. If the price is too good to be true, it is. It may be expensive, but real jerseys are worth it. Don't support jersey fakers, and they will die out at some point (fingers crossed).
  14. I think Reebok realizes that a lot of people by their overpriced jerseys, the tags have H and A on them so that if you read them they say HAHAHAHAHA. Thanks for the help with the barberpole guys.
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