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  1. Very much so. Customs is insane. I ordered 2 jerseys and 2 pairs of socks from hockeymonkey.com. They arrived to Canada Customs on March 20th and only got released today (hopefully I'll receive them tomorrow). Either Customs is backlogged or they're just a bunch of lazy government agents. I've heard stories of long waits and stories of people getting their stuff pretty quickly so really it just seems like Customs just wants to take their sweet time. Sometimes they don't even check them either delayed or quick. Its pretty ridiculous.
  2. the ND ones are just 'mock' Gamewear jerseys it seems especially since the Reebok under the neck is a patch while the Gamewear ones are stitched right? Also they had to change the tagging to the Gamewear tags because they can't be using NHL or AHL tagging
  3. well played good sir. do those have fight straps?
  4. Just a question though, who were the Hart candidates in 1998? I can't seem to be able to find it
  5. I agree with formyhunny and akteon about the Sharks ones being Reebok Gamewear with stitched on logos. Edge cut, no fight strap, Reebok logo by the neck and letter sizing. I've ordered two for hockey but they haven't arrived yet (three weeks and waiting whoohoo) but if I had them, I'm sure I could compare the necktags.
  6. That is absolutely awesome!! Happy Birthday too
  7. Whats your budget like? Thats a good start in deciding what you should do right? I also think this is a very cool idea
  8. Hey I was wondering if anyone has played in these jerseys and if so, how do they fit. Do they fit more like the Premier jerseys or the Edge ones? I started playing hockey again and I'm trying to find a uniform that fits more as I don't like my jerseys to be lose all over the place.
  9. klam23


    What an Arse. Its a shame when there are ebay sellers out there who don't know jack and turn it around on you. That's why proper stores are better sometimes because at least 'the customer is always right'.
  10. I'm a bit confused. I thought you live in NYC and this jersey is being sold in MA. How did you see it in person?
  11. Now I don't know much about Rangers jerseys but I don't think the nameplate isn't the same colour as much as the glare of a flash on the twill to make it look like a different colour.
  12. klam23


    are those twill nameplates?
  13. klam23

    It is good or not?

    Is it difficult for an average joe who doesn't really ever do that kind of stuff or difficult in general. I only ask because if its cheap, i'll definitely get one and send it off somewhere
  14. So I'm assuming that's a Binny's Beverage Depot. Those commercials are played at least 2 dozen times every Blackhawks game. Oh Tony Esposito... haha Here's my contribution. I saw it last week and I decided I should finally post it. Starter Canada jersey
  15. why is that photo being taken at what looks like a liquor store?
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