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    It arrived today v2.0

    Oh man, that Briere jersey is smokin'! Does Philly Express have a website? I've gotta send them some jerseys to get customized!
  2. Thanks a lot for all your help guys. I'm looking forward to taking the 2.0 plunge.
  3. Thanks, my eyes aint what they used to be.
  4. Thanks so much guys! This is much appreciated. Brilliant -- just to confirm, when you say "on top", do you mean on the top end of the picture? Or on top of the other jersey? And Motown -- I can't quite see the tag. Is the Isles the 2.0? Thanks again all!
  5. Thanks for your help anyway man! Anyone else lucky enough to possess both types of Edge and care to help me out?
  6. Also -- do you find the 2.0s any different in body length or width?
  7. Good to know -- I always thought the 1.0 sleeves were way too long, and believed it was just the curse of the Edge. I'm glad they changed the sleeve length with the 2.0s. But how much roomier are we talkin' here? Enough to make you look like the Michelin man?
  8. I've been reading that there is a difference in size between Edge 1.0 and 2.0 -- for example, a size 52 Edge 1.0 will have slightly longer sleeves than a size 52 Edge 2.0. However, is there anything concrete to prove just what exactly the size differences (if any) are? Has anyone with both jerseys done a comparison? Many thanks to anyone who can help me out!
  9. carsoni4

    CCM 550

    Sweet, thanks for the pic man! Do you have any other shots of the sweater -- like of the shoulder patches or the collar? No worries either way -- thanks for your help!
  10. carsoni4

    CCM 550

    The only problem is Blackhawks 6100 jerseys (the ones I'm looking for) are proving ###### near impossible to find. 550s on the other hand, I could purchase by the boat-full. I know I can't expect beautiful chain-stitched crests on the 550s, but how does the jersey material itself feel? Cheap and paper-thin like the premiers?
  11. carsoni4


    Glad to hear the confirmation. Did you get yours customized or did you order it blank?
  12. carsoni4

    CCM 550

    I've recently been getting back into jersey collecting after a prolonged absence. Since my comeback, I have only been purchasing Edge authentic jerseys, as those ###### screen-printed shoulder patches on the Premiers are the work of the devil. However, collecting these authentic jerseys is a rich-man's game, and I need to watch what I spend. I still crave more jerseys however, and as a result, I'm thinking of picking up some CCM 550 replicas to whet my insatiable jersey appetite. Am I setting myself up for crushing disappointment? Will these 550s look pathetic next to my Edge authentics? I've heard good things about the 550s, but wanted to throw it out to hear the opinions of fellow collectors. Should I just suck it up and not buy jerseys for a while, until I can afford my next authentic? Or is a 550 a solid addition to my jersey collection? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Does anyone else get irritated when they can spot a fake jersey in the crowd when watching a game on TV? Some guys at the Blackhawks game last week were sitting in those primo "between the benches" seats, yet were sporting the most awful-looking Kane fakes (complete with "A"'s on the chest) I've ever seen. It angered me. Do I have a problem?
  14. I've always wondered what takes so long to customize jerseys -- is the back-log that large? I've had two jersey customizers get my jerseyS stitched and ready to go in 24 hours. This is not the norm obviously, but what's with these places that need almost two months? Perhaps I'm impatient, but I value quick turnaround time and good communication almost as much as overall customization quality.
  15. Thanks for this thread -- very handy! Now -- can anyone point me to some instructions for how to fold jerseys for presentation? I see all you guys taking great photos of well-folded jerseys primed for display -- whereas the jerseys in my photos are a wrinkled, crooked mess. Any tips?
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