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    I thought it would be good to have a thread on some great deals out there i saw this and think its a pretty ###### good deal for a game worn authenticated early 90's jersey http://cgi.ebay.com/Flyers-Gagne-Fedotenko-Rookie-game-worn-used-jersey-/320626520790?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4aa6d472d6#ht_500wt_931
  2. sungod661

    1995-96 Anaheim Mighty Ducks Paul Kariya Game worn Wildwing jersey

    ooof i re read the entire post here, theres a lot of ground to cover. Chow and i have discussed the possibility of there being two sets, i have always stood with the belief that there was only 1 set. I can say this 100% certainty about the Selanne Jersey but i am beginning to think because of the "A" there is a slight possibility there was 2 jerseys for Kariya. My jersey does not show very slight signs of a removal , again nothing conclusive. The 4 jerseys i have own/owned did not come with loa from the team but 3 of 4 came with loa's from meigrey. My jersey is photmatched this the jersey has no match, the jersey i have is a 54 not a 54g .... I will stick with my original post that this is not a game worn jersey again this is my opinion based on what i see now is it possible its real? yes it is but i won't bet 10k
  3. sungod661

    1995-96 Anaheim Mighty Ducks Paul Kariya Game worn Wildwing jersey

    Because the spare jerseys i have seen came without fight straps, Rickey bought one on eBay a while back if my memory serves me right it had no fight strap. So i think it is a legit spare that some lettered up with chary and added a fight strap. Don't get me wrong it still a nice jersey worth about 1 to 1.5 k. but this is not a game worn jersey of paul kariya
  4. sungod661

    1995-96 Anaheim Mighty Ducks Paul Kariya Game worn Wildwing jersey

    i won't add anymore on this pretty easy to figure out....
  5. sungod661

    1995-96 Anaheim Mighty Ducks Paul Kariya Game worn Wildwing jersey

    LOL total b.s, i was thinking keeping my mouth shut but i guess ill chime in...as a few already know i have the ONLY game worn kariya wild wing jersey that is game worn and it is photo matched and has a loa from meigrey so please if anyone is going to spend there money do not.....this is a scam
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    Advertising on jerseys :(

    After reading this article http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=461971 I realized we are unfortunately headed sooner then later towards the dreaded soccer path of having company names on our favourite teams jerseys. I know some may think that's cool. but i am not one of them!!! i do not look forward to buying my favourite teams jersey and having a pepsi or viagra patch on it. This is again all about money (isn't everything). I Soccer jersey are a mockery to the sport but that has not slowed down sales or popularity with fans. I just don't like the fact i am going to one day bring my kids to the arena to watch our favourite team and i will have to explain why they have a viagra patch on our jerseys or explain that our team is not called the VAGISIL CANADIENS. Anyway i have vented carry on!
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    Meigray Adds TOR and CBJ, Drops COL for 14-15 Season.

    more like colorado dropped them.... not the other way around
  8. sungod661

    New Lightning Alternate revealed - Back in Black

    i love the black and the over all theme with the black pants and lightning bolt on the pants. Where it goes bad is the logo "BOLTS" is so ugly and aboslutey garbage. I hate the "SENS" jersey too. i think the plan tree jersey is a little more imaginatif then the bolts logo lol
  9. sungod661

    2015 Winter Classic

    the caps jersey is unimaginative , stale and void of any notable cool factor. Those are the best things i can say about the jersey. i vomited in my mouth after seeing them.
  10. Don't stop there you should also do a pair of your dress pants with a pair of jeans. just start shredding your whole wardrobe half leather jacket with half sports jacket, half underwear with half female panties the possibilities are endless. great idea
  11. sungod661

    CBJ Prototype Jersey

    OMG i love the jersey!!! how cool are those sleeves!!! me want!!
  12. sungod661

    Anaheim Ducks new jerseys 2014-15

    black yoke on a white jersey? me not feeling the white!! the black is kind of snazzy
  13. sungod661

    Pens bringing back the penguin gold next season

    good move...nice jersey
  14. sungod661


    so i check out his other stuff and first thing i see is quite the collectible http://www.ebay.com/itm/12-Decks-Gay-Adult-Film-Star-JEFF-STRYKER-Collectors-Poker-Playing-Cards-New-/380859140206?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58acf9486e hurry before slim jumps on these lol
  15. sungod661

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Oh ya Carey Price who allowed 3 goals at the biggest stage in hockey and named goalie of the tournament isn't good. Halak a guy who has been unable to even beat out Brian Elliot for a starting job is a lot better. Halak is nowhere near the goalie Ryan Miller is, if you think Halak is better you need to watch a little more hockey. Halak is not a number 1 END OF TOPIC p.s lol @ speactacular saves line that made a lot of sense......
  16. sungod661

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Halak is a back up the blues knew he could not carry the team deep into the playoffs and that why this move was made i don't think the sabres even wanted him it, he was a throw in to off set some salary. Halak is an impending free agent who likely won't resign the sabres are high on Enroth, the conditional pick is useless unless Miller resigns or they go to the cup which in any case means the pick will be a very late 1st round pick. I think the sabres got little return in this deal, they did a lot better on the Vanek deal getting a 1st and a asset in Moulson who they can parlay into a prospect and a 1st.
  17. sungod661

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Buffalo got fleeced traded there captain and a franchise player for a under achieving not so power forward and a back up goalie (the pick is so late in the 1st who knows if it will pan and the prospect i have seen play probably not a nhler). Kudos to the blues this was a robbery
  18. sungod661

    Sochi Olympic Hockey Discussion

    Hmm here are my thoughts, Canada played a very boring but efficient game, the U.S had little if any sustained attack, i am very happy about Canada's win but as a fan i can't help but feel ripped off. The fact we wait 4 years to see the best the world has to offer play and we get this mucker, plumber hockey is kind of anticlimactic. The good guys won but now i am convinced that the big ice surface sucks...... bring home the gold and i can console myself with the fact i waited four year for this boring hockey!!
  19. sungod661

    Sochi Olympic Hockey Discussion

    Get ready my american friends hockey supremacy is on the line and your frien Kunitz will i surely have a good game. No wasted roster spots except for Dan Humseuis
  20. sungod661

    eBay version 3.0

    very very worth it if they win gold jersey will double if not triple in value if they do win gold. 2010 jerseys are going no less then 7k range now with big name players double and triple
  21. sungod661

    eBay version 3.0

    Pretty much what one of the guys in game worms said it seems to have a nameplate change either way thats a nice jersey, rule of thumb with gamers should be always consider the source of the purchase. Also for me personally light wear on a Lever jersey from that time farm is a red flag....
  22. absolutely normal for the colour of a crest to fade on a 20 year old jersey do not replace it
  23. sungod661

    CMJ mega sale Thread

    lol "I'll cancel all of fake bids. But not all bids are made my myself" hahhaha just some
  24. sungod661

    The Want List

    Looking for authentic size 44 jerseys you read that right size 44!