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  1. sorry its all confusing.. i just meant the ugly piping down the jersey.. a lot of the teams that introduced that in 2007 got rid of it, except the Avs.. sorry if it seemed all confusing.
  2. the edge design always stayed.. i meant the pattern of the jersey. every other team i can think of changed their colors..piping and design within the last 8 years etc
  3. I call BS.. Im sorry they will not use a logo from another franchise..
  4. to all Avs fans.. you think the Avs will make their jerseys even worse with the altered jersey debuting at the draft? Cant be worse than what they have now.. Did you know they are probably the only team left with the same jersey design from 2007??
  5. hey i dont mind the 2.0 jerseys they are pretty much like the old CCM ones.. just a curve cut still have the air-knit
  6. there are rumors that the REEBOK name will no longer be on jerseys? But CCM will return.. any truth to this? I ask because CCM logo branding has taken over the CHL! every jersey is now ccm and reebok is gone (the name.. we know CCM is reebok too) in the NHL ive notcied like 90% of players are wearing CCM pants and helmets and the reebok name is only on the jersey.. do yo uthink hat we will see the return of CCM?
  7. its stated on the page "The Reebok® EDGE authentic hockey jersey replicates the jersey worn by all NHL® players on the ice." Hense.. its FAKE. well replica of an authentic,, so its the indo garbage.. and also they have a photo of the indo jersey REEBOK FAIL again
  8. I saw the new Windsor Spitfires jerseys and the reebok logo seems to be missing,, unless this is just a prototype jersey,, but i saw them play an exhibition game against Plymouth and they also had no logo reebok on front,,. only back neck? interesting.. sorry for large pics
  9. Still selling Indo jerseys? anyone?
  10. thats why you ship in an envilope.. im in canada and my friend shipped me one,, only cost 10 bucks,,he also shipped a box,, it was 15.00
  11. as you can see he mostly has canadian teams as expected, im still not convinced we will be getting 2.0s for every team... poor avalanche stuck with indo crap
  12. mikey3319

    New Arrivals v6.0

    just got a new HABS Patrick Roy 1992 jersey! 56 authentic, real deal~!! fonts and numbers are to scale!!
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