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  1. Bump, still available, price lowered. Shoot me an offer if interested.
  2. That Staal jersey was customized at CoolHockey. Don't think they do anything out of the ordinary. As long as you are careful and take your time shouldn't be any more difficult to strip than any other premier. Good luck!
  3. Same to you sir, very easy transaction with ValleyParade. Thanks!
  4. Pens 1.0 '08 Cup Final Jersey Size 50 $150 or best offer shipped to the US, pm me for shipping outside US.
  5. Mine arrived on Friday as well. Great jerseys and smooth purchase. Thanks again.
  6. Bought jerseys from Lightning_4, Sluggermatt15, and Paul. All were smooth transactions and would buy from them again. Also sold a jersey to bjd624 with no problems.
  7. The Jagr is not a fake, its just a starter replica. The customization might not be 100% but the jersey itself is definitely not a fake.
  8. My guess is because the Jagr is used where the blank is BNWT. Plus the bidding on the Jagr still had 2+ days remaining where the blank is a BIN or best offer. I would bet by the end of the auction, the Jagr will go up a bit.
  9. I agree that the Lemieux was overpriced, he's been trying to sell that jersey for about a month now with no bids. It started out @ $350 and this is the third time he's listed it. He might be open to an offer. I think the Jagr is fairly priced also. The blank is a little high, but the seller will accept a best offer. A while back he accepted an offer from me of about $40 less than the BIN price. IMO, for an authentic from that era NWT in great shape for $200 wouldn't be a bad price.
  10. Found it on ebay actually, the listing said he would be willing to end early so I made an offer, it wasn't up there long. There are a couple on there in this style now: Lemieux, Jagr, Blank. Also, couple of game issued in this style from seller jhustle1. Here in the last couple weeks I got a 92 Lemieux 3 patch authentic, 78 Schultz M & N, and a 96-97 diagonal game issue from ebay, so they can be found. Good luck!
  11. Got this today, '92-'96 CCM Pens authentic diagonal jersey
  12. Very true, just not sure how Francis and 66 ended up on the same jersey in the first place. But I haven't been able to wear a small jersey since way before that jersey was made.
  13. I'm watching the same one myself. Looks pretty close to me. I have purchased a patch or two from them before and they were both pretty good quality. Definitely a replica, but I think that is as good as it will get with that one. Putting them side by side the only big differences I see are that the skater on the right of the logo isn't as bold as on the real one and the Japanese lettering on the replica is a little too thick. That being said, I still think I'm gonna get one of them since I haven't really seen them anywhere else. Real Replica
  14. Any chance you have before/after pics of what they did for you? I'm leaning toward sending it out to them to get it done. Really don't think I want to take a chance on doing it myself. Plus I've read on here that ultrafil can be tricky. Even without the patch I would like to get the numbers fixed. If the Pens switched to the other font (the cup years font) in 88-89 then Recchi wouldn't have ever worn a jersey with the font that I have on there. I think it would drive me nuts if I didn't get it fixed.
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