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  1. I just got a Leafs Winter Classics Size in a 52 and a 54 from RCS just now! I had to pay taxes it!
  2. Nooooooooooooooooo!!!..... fixed...nice 1
  3. Wow. I just posted the authentic to this exact jersey bro.. Check it out in the New arrivals...
  4. Its been so long since I posted last that I'm sure I could fill a few pages of new pickups so ill just stick with what's new in town this month.. Going to start with the pairs first.. You know him. You love him. You want one. TBTC Reissue in Air-knit NWT's Size 52. Mint! and then the Authentic 52 TBTC 52 that will become as above with a little Magic.. Next is a not so mint, slightly abused Hawks jersey of some American guy what played in the NHL for the Hawks no one has ever heard of... and now for another Hawks jersey worn by a Canadian guy no one has ever heard of.... No really... No idea if the sig is real or not and I could care less. will strip it if not.. small hole repair on jersey too..
  5. WTF?!! http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Team-Canada-Hockey-Jersey-XL-Kids-Nike-/400713015982?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 HOW?!? WHY?!?! PLEASE TELL ME!!
  6. The Rangers Powerplay is as useless as Rob Ford in Rehab!!
  7. Short handed Goal?!? Is that Good in the playoffs too!??! and Crosby Line getting retarded tonight!
  8. Is 2 shut-outs in a row good?? Is that good in the post season!?! Too get two shut-outs in a row?!?!? How bout them Caps?!? :thumbsup:
  9. So, I'm going to chime in on this as I feel the need. I've got several jerseys off him over the seller in question over the years. He's even accepted every single deal I've offered him to boot... I'm sure I have 4 or 5 comments on his ebay feedback right from me. With the assorted cast of people I see who are watching his auctions just on this site alone it should be no surprise that they fetch top dollar. YET his shipping prices have stopped me from any recent bids..
  10. That Rangers is as fake as it comes! The team don't issue set tags unless its an actual gamer! its not the correct hem tags or fight strap. ITS FAKE!
  11. thebiggoalie has nice jerseys you can buy! Just like I did! So buy them.... NOW!.... Thanks Tom
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