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  1. Lord Stanley's Cup

    Jersey You Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Wearing

    I literally screamed for joy the day the coyotes got rid of that weird tex mex picasso design they debuted with. Although when you sit high up in the arena, it kind of looks like a fox, not a coyote! Other than that, Id never wear an Islanders of any style or an NJ Devils. The 1994 Rangers were probably the best team story not made into a movie, and for that, Im always gonna be wearing broadway blue.
  2. Lord Stanley's Cup

    Calgary Olympics

    Cool, thanks a lot for all the help. Ive been wanting to get 1 done with #5 on the back. I can almost guarantee Ill be one of the only few who has a jersey of Yawney, let alone knew he was on the team. Such an excellent assistant coach for the Sharks this year.
  3. Lord Stanley's Cup

    Calgary Olympics

    I was looking at the 1988 Team Canada jerseys online, and wondered what are some things to look for to check authenticity? I'm not too familiar with them, but I do know they have the IIHF patch on the lower right bar. Also, are there any patches worn in international play, like this Olympics with the flag badge that miller sported for the US? Any help on where to locate one would be much appreciated, as I'm looking to customize it myself.
  4. Lord Stanley's Cup

    Coyotes' name to change?

    The Glendale Coyotes is lame, but the Arizona Coyotes sounds too much like the Arizona Cardinals. That state needs some originality in their sports names.
  5. Lord Stanley's Cup


    I got a 2001 CCM Sharks replica the other day, but I didn't pay attention to the sizing. Its an xxl, but the arms are HUGE on me. I think I am the only guy here who's over 6'1 and has t-rex sized arms. Id be willing to trade it for a blank premier or replica xl, or even one with a different player. I have 3 graves jerseys already, as he is my alltime favorite Shark. Its stitched, not heat transfered and I do have pictures. Let me know if its worth the trade.
  6. Lord Stanley's Cup

    Question for people with game worn jerseys

    I guess it depends on how much you love the player. I have 3 Adam Graves jerseys, 1 of them authentic & 2 replica because I don't want to risk getting it dirty. If the player is a homer like Doan in PHX, then its no problem because you are just showing love for the team. If the player is a risk like Heatley, you might want to look into another player. Might I recommend Michalek, hes a true gamer, and can eat up quality minutes on the 2nd line.
  7. Lord Stanley's Cup

    CCM/Koho jerseys sizes compared to new RBK?

  8. Lord Stanley's Cup


    The Leafs are becoming the Montreal Expos of the NHL, aka a glorified farm team. The ownership needs to listen to the fans and open up their wallets to bring in some guys who want to stay around to build a good run. It killed me when the Sharks traded Nolan to the Leafs, but we got a good deal with Dimotrakos and McCauley. Id give anything to have as rich a cup history as you Toronto fans. Sharks fans are going to have to start using those Pacific Division Champ banners to dry our tears when we continue to lose in the first round.
  9. Lord Stanley's Cup

    Help me pick a player...

    Great point on the rental idea. Me and my buddies play Sharks slugbug before the game, looking at all the random names at the tank. To think, someone actually spent money customizing a Link Gaetz jersey! Back to the point, Doan is an awesome player and is respected throughout the NHL. Well worth the price.
  10. Lord Stanley's Cup

    CCM/Koho jerseys sizes compared to new RBK?

    Just an idea, If you like the way the old ccm/koho feel but dont want to pay for a shotty replica, this might be the way to go. They sell the old style jerseys from every team blank at this website. The cost cant be beat, plus add on customization by IJ, youre still looking at only $140. The name and numbers will be sewn, and the jersey will breathe a whole lot better. Maybe you cant fix a classic! http://ccm.hockeygiant.com/nhl-gamewear-jerseys.html
  11. Lord Stanley's Cup

    Jersey Prices Between Countries

    Wow, after reading this board, I started to do some research on the different prices. It is true that most places sell authentics for about $179-199, but its the customizing that gets you. Some places charge $59-79 for applying names by iron on, which I'm pretty sure they taught the guy to do in a 20 minute training class. The jersey suffers, and when you stand next to a jersey that has been sewn by hand, your reputation suffers. I figure if a country has been producing jerseys for a sport they have dominated for over a hundred years now, why not take the small financial hit to make sure its done right. Plus, on a spelling side note, I had a friend order a Toews jersey last year from a rival and the person wrote it like it sounds. When he received it, he was shocked to see they had spelled it Toevs.
  12. Lord Stanley's Cup

    Searching for Avalanche jerseys

    I have two main questions that maybe someone could shed some light on. First, I'm dying to get my hands on a 1995-1996 Starter Avalanche jersey that's blank so I can customize it with Nolan on the back. I know a bit of a slap, considering he was traded that year to San Jose and missed out on the cup, but Ive met him several times and he's said theres no hard feelings between him and the team. Second, I want to customize a 2009-2010 authentic for the Sakic retirement, but it has a double name plate. The number is 19, and it sports a Sakic name on top, and the player's name below the numbers. I have all the patches I want on it already, I'm just looking for ideas on how to get it done. Would it be cheaper to order a Sakic regular and then customize it, or search for someone who's willing to part with one they bought after they were auctioned by the team? Any information I can get would be much appreciated.