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  1. Pretty sure I sold that Demitra to Adam last year. I bought it from a guy on Facebook. Keener customized it. IIRC Liebe didn’t customize Blues jerseys until the 2005-06 season. Pretty certain Custom Crafted did these jerseys.
  2. Anyone ever strip felt numbers before? I had Liebe customize a Blues Winter Classic jersey a while back and the customization was pretty sloppy e.g. skipped stitches, stitched over size tag while sewing down nameplate, crooked sleeve numbers, etc. Thought I could deal with it since they’re the official team customizer but it’s one of my favorite jerseys and these things drive me nuts so now I’m hoping to have it redone. I intend on re-using the kit and already stripped the threads on the numbers and nameplate (no pulls or damage, I’m pretty good at stripping😏) but there are a few other things holding me up. After I stripped the threads, it turns out the edges of the sleeve numbers and captain’s C are somewhat stuck down. The back numbers basically fell off, barely any leftover glue residue whatsoever. I’m hesitant to use any chemicals like acetone or Goof Off because the numbers have a plastic-like backing and I don’t want to melt or dissolve it (or damage the felt). Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I might try light acetone inside the jersey directly on the back of the sleeve numbers. Just hope I don’t destroy the felt in the process.
  3. I went to All Star Fan Fest this weekend. The only MIC’s I saw were Bruins, Devils, and Kings. They all had crappy heat pressed customization too🙁
  4. Those late 70s/early 80s era with the yellow shoulder yokes is probably my favorite Blues jersey of all time. Gorgeous
  5. Has anyone here used North Star Jerseys in Calgary for customization before?
  6. Nice Blues jerseys. What 25th Anniversary patch did you use? I’m having a hard time finding a good reproduction.
  7. Finally received the email from EPS this week. Ended up being around a 23 week turnaround. Turns out it was the college football jersey that was the holdup.
  8. Ive been waiting 20 weeks for 2 jerseys that arrived in early February. 1 college football and 1 MLB. In the past my typical turnaround time has been 12 weeks. 😐
  9. From what I understand, he is some dude on Twitter who takes requests to search for jerseys online. I don't think he has any special insider knowledge or hookups. He just searches for people who don't have the time, knowledge, and/or patience to browse sites on the internet (like eBay, Facebook, Reddit, etc.) and charges them something like a 10-15% finders fee. I personally don't get it. For me most of the fun is in the search.
  10. I've had good success stripping EPS customized jerseys in the past for what it's worth. The hardest part was ripping their tight stitching.
  11. Love the throwback USA jersey. Nice pickup
  12. MiC O'Reilly fresh back from Keener?
  13. Would love to see the Blues bring it back as a third this season but I've heard they'll be going with something that's identical or very similar to their Winter Classics, which is okay too.
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