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    Brendan Shanahan, Henrik Zetterberg, Pekka Rinne, Martin St. Louis, Tomas Jurco
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    Hartford Whalers (1992-97), Detroit Red Wings (1987-2007;2007-Pres)
  1. I'm trying to get a Griffins jersey customized with Larkin #25. Does anyone own a gamer from the era or know the size and layering style of the font they used? Thanks
  2. dolph_sexton

    How To WASH A JERSEY 101

    Have a couple gamers that have been in a smoke-filled house for 10ish years which I just moved them out of. Do you guys know if any yellowing around the collar would be from the smoke or just normal wear/sweat? If it is smoke, how do I get it out? And if the answer is "wash it normally", what should I do with the team sticker/hologram? Thanks.
  3. dolph_sexton

    How To STRIP A JERSEY 101

    Anyone have any experience stripping a jersey from Lutch? Have a AK Bars jersey from 2012/13 that I want redone. Just wondering about how much adhesive they use and if it'd be worth it.
  4. dolph_sexton

    Your top 5 favourite jerseys in the NHL this season

    Red Wings - Away Rangers - Away Predators - Home Islanders - Alternate Leafs - Away As for comeback, I'd like to see Edmonton's home/away from '97-'07 return.
  5. dolph_sexton

    It arrived today v.

    Love the Johansen. He was so much fun to watch last year.
  6. dolph_sexton

    When did Shanahan wear #24 for the Devils?

    Awesome, thanks.
  7. dolph_sexton

    When did Shanahan wear #24 for the Devils?

    Does this mean that the jersey is likely Cosby's as well?
  8. dolph_sexton

    When did Shanahan wear #24 for the Devils?

    Thanks guys. '87 preseason seems likely. Do you know off-hand what kind of jerseys those would've been if it's a screened crest? Sorry it's just now that I know he wore #24, I kind of want a #24 Shanny jersey lol. Thanks, I didn't see the Devils pic listed there, but I did find one of him being interviewed in a #9 Blues jersey, so I thought that was pretty cool. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1991-Brendan-Shanahan-St-Louis-Blues-Being-Interviewed-8-x-10-B-W-Original-Photo-/351082470416?pt=Vintage_Sports_Memorabilia&hash=item51be255c10
  9. dolph_sexton

    When did Shanahan wear #24 for the Devils?

    So I found a couple pictures of Shanahan wearing #24 with New Jersey, but beyond that I haven't found anything as to when he actually wore it. Anybody know when?
  10. dolph_sexton

    customization laugher

    Yes, he did:
  11. Does anybody know what the font on the London Knights logo is called? Thanks Edit: Nevermind, found it in another thread. SerpentineDBol.
  12. dolph_sexton

    Help with a Leafs white alt - which season is this?

    Looks to me like the cheap replicas that Canadian Tire sells. Like this Habs one, screened logo and ultrafil: http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/montreal-canadiens-jersey-men-39-s-red-0831557p.html#.U34hpvldWSg Can't tell if it has the CCM tagging that the Leafs one you posted has though.
  13. dolph_sexton

    CCM taking over CHL branding on dark jerseys?

    Hahaha, that's awesome. And yes, it is a beautiful jersey. One of my favourites in the Q for sure.
  14. dolph_sexton

    CCM taking over CHL branding on dark jerseys?

    The just put the "C" and "A's" around the branding logo. It looks especially crowded when they have the Memorial Cup patches too. Also, there wasn't any branding on the front of the home and away jerseys this year, so I'm surprised to see that it's back.
  15. The Peterborough Petes unveiled their new jerseys yesterday, and the dark ones feature CCM branding on the chest. Will this be CHL-wide next year?