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  1. Looking for a 2002-07 Penguins Crosby jersey in youth size (S/M or X/XL--both fit me.)
  2. Ended up scoring some free tickets in a contest here! Also, the NHL trophies came to visit the Palms. I'm not sure if they do this every year?
  3. strema


    It's only $2 to list anything over $200. I don't think the seller will have to worry about final value fees, but just in case anyone's curious: "12.0% of the initial $50.00, plus 9.0% of the next $50.01 - $1,000.00, plus 2.0% of the remaining final sale price balance ($1,000.01 - final sale price)"
  4. Anyone going? The $300 tickets are a little out of my price range, but there will probably be some related events going on that are more affordable, like the pre-show party Ovechkin and Roenick are hosting on Tuesday.
  5. So it's okay to sell fake jerseys on eBay as long as you don't try to pass them off as real? I have a fake Crosby I need to get rid of. ):
  6. strema

    It is good or not?

    I sure did! (: I did e-mail the seller and confirm that the customization is straight despite how it looks in the photo. Score!
  7. strema


    Aw, it already ended. ): And I just bought the same style in medium. Thanks for thinking of me!!
  8. strema

    It is good or not?

    I noticed that angle, too, but it looks like the jersey's placement is crooked rather than the numbers (based on the tile pattern in the background, sleeve pattern, etc.) I guess we'll see!
  9. strema

    It is good or not?

    It looks like it has a fight strap, which is usually a good way to spot a fake. Can you ask for a close-up?
  10. strema

    It is good or not?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/CCM-Mario-Lemieux-Pittsburgh-Penguins-Jersey-size-M-/320543325963?cmd=ViewItem&pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item4aa1deff0b Does the CCM label at the bottom look right?
  11. strema

    It is good or not?

    Thank you! It's a good price, so I think I'll go for it!
  12. strema

    It is good or not?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320541226894&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT Thoughts on this Lemieux replica? Was/Is this style faked?
  13. That doesn't make any sense, but neither does my willingness to root for the Flyers if it means they have a chance to take out the Habs.
  14. strema

    It is good or not?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-PITTSBURGH-PENGUINS-66-LEMIEUX-JERSEY-ADULT-SMALL-/180504171458?cmd=ViewItem&pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item2a06e313c2 Is this an ok replica? I'd rather get a Crosby in this style, but small jerseys just don't come up very frequently!
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