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  1. Anyone know where I can find an Anaheim Ducks military jersey? Not the current ones out, the desert digital camo they had a few years back. I'm in the military and have been wanting one for a while now. Anything will work, could have been game used or just a replica. Thanks!
  2. Looking for a Tampa Bay Lightning "Authentic" alternate jersey. The former blue one with BOLTS across it and the previous logo on the shoulders not the current one. Size 52 or 54 would work! Thanks!
  3. I was just wondering if anyone knew what kind of nameplate the Lightning used in the 1999 season. I am getting two of the Alternate storms customized as well as their black away jersey. Is it a twill nameplate or what?
  4. That Bruins Nilan is beautiful I have been trying to find a Nilan jersey for a while but all I see are the CCM vintage jerseys which is not what I'm looking for haha. Awesome collection.
  5. Well as you guys may remember my Wild Wing was unfortunately misspelled with Herbert instead Hebert. Thanks to CHow Hound sending me the correct new letters with proper size and cut, I was able to restore my prized jersey! The spacing is a tab bit off but overall I'm just happy Its correct seems how Hebert was one of my all time favorites as well as the Wild Wing jersey. None the less, here it is
  6. I know it's an ongoing joke and I have no problem with it you guys are ####### hilarious
  7. Hahaha oh yes, man I'm just happy that jersey wasn't ruined all you helped out with some tips so I'd like to thank everyone. I should have correct letters AND spelling so I won't have the family guy pedophile on my wild wing lmao.
  8. Haha Indeed very hard to type the screen is a bit sticky, but yes I am currently enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. I am leaving for basic September 15th to Paris Island. That's the one thing I love more than hockey.
  9. everyone roasting me, I can't help it Hebert is the man. I'm just gonna have a hard time explaining if my mom walks in...
  10. Great news! The letters cam off clean with only some slight fraying of the jersey where the H was And I even made use of the old incorrect letters haha
  11. I was going to get new letters anyway because those are actually a tad small plus they are a little messed up from the stripping of the jersey.
  12. Thank you for the correction the good news is most of the letters have come off but the "H" is being a bit of a pain my friend and I are trying to get that off cleanly. I will make the correction when I get new letters #SaveTheWildWing
  13. Well it was my mistake for not noticing it got corrected but with proper technique it can be fixed hopefully I can post her again with a hEbert jersey soon
  14. Yeah it will be quite the task but it can be done
  15. I just have to make sure the glue comes off properly and then align everything correctly and re-sew
  16. I might cried it was an authentic.
  17. Lmao that's the first thing I think of when I hear HeRbert is the creepy dude from family guy. And that's the first auto correct jersey fail I have seen too. It just happened to be on my 600$ jersey...
  18. The person I sent it to I made a layout and my computer corrected the name (Thanks Apple) it even corrected it on this post. Easy fix though no worries, glad you guys actually noticed!
  19. My Friend and I didn't even catch that holy cow. Fixing this ASAP!
  20. Well I've been super excited and I finally got my Mighty Ducks Wildwing XXL with tags Guy Herbert jersey. Not sure if I'll ever part with it!
  21. I really wish I wasnt all the way in FL
  22. Hmmm good thing I didn't send in my wild wing jersey to them. I would have been really dissapointed with them if they had messed up on it. They were very short with me when I emailed them about it. It made me question them so I chose not to send it in. Hopefully you get better QUALITY somewhere els.
  23. So I haven't posted in a while but this got me excited when I heard the lighthing will be getting a new alternate jersey! What would you guys want to see? I though of a throwback but that wouldnt match are current uniforms we have now which is the problem I see with the BOLTS alternate jersey now. I would how ever like to see a black jersey with a new striping design of some sort. Anything besides the current alternates haha. Thoughts?
  24. A brand new with tags Mighty Ducks "Wild Wing" jersey awaited me under the tree. I was thrilled with it in every way possible!
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