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  1. Hey all...I have a few jerseys I'd like to move on outta here. Not quite the caliber of a lot of your game-worms and beautiful customs, but some minor curiosities. All tags attached, prices listed or make me an offer, please! Thanks! Pro Player White Rangers Liberty, Size L - $85 Ghastly Reebok Islanders Alternate, Size L - $40 Nike Team Switzerland , Size XL - $50 Small pinkish spot up near neck, see photos. Probably removable, but I haven't tried!
  2. Blurry, I sent you a PM...lemme know if it doesn't show up!
  3. Would any of you guys happen to have a blank, grey Cool Base nameplate lying around? Enough to accommodate five letters? Let's talk $.
  4. I have a pal who lives in NC who's decided to fully commit to the Hurricanes this season. Needs a jersey. Anyone have a 46 or a 50 they might wanna part with? Blank or customized, red, white or alt...lemme know what you got!
  5. Apologies if this has been covered previously, but...has anyone tried to strip a Cool Base jersey? It seems like it'd be a snagfest, but I figured it was worth an ask...
  6. For Pens oddities jjdistributing.biz is your best bet.
  7. That's kinda what I as thinking. Real shot to their credibility there.
  8. Ulp, sorry for the slow response on this! Yeah, I just sent a standard inquiry email, said I had a Penguins jersey I wanted to have customized to team specs, and included my name and phone number. One of their guys called a couple days later to follow up and get more info. It was really easy. They're on Facebook, and here's their website.
  9. The top and bottoms of the C's and A's are sometimes skinnier than others. I haven't been able to ascertain any consistency. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1995-96-Mario-Lemieux-Pittsburgh-Penguins-Game-Worn-Alternate-50th-Goal-Jersey-/300893053165?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item460e9fa0ed http://jjdistributing.weebly.com/1967-07-black-jerseys.html
  10. Just to update...I sent a black Pens jersey to Pro Knitwear this week to have a new nameplate made and attached. I shipped it on Tuesday, and today they called to say it's finished and will ship out Monday. Just unimaginably quick and friendly service. I wish I had more thumbs!
  11. I'm giving away some cool books, prints and t-shirts (and even a custom commission) as prizes in my blog's Stanley Cup playoffs contest! Please, if you have a minute...stop on by and check it out!
  12. Robert  Ullman

    New Arrivals v6.0

    Yeah, I was wearing my own black 6100 from J&J yesterday and thinking about how sharp and underrated a set it is. The triangles at the waist are just such a nice touch. I don't despise the edges like a lot of folks do, but it's clearly inferior. I should add on the Penguins customization tip, I had a phone conversation with Tim at Pro KnitWear yesterday and man, the guy really couldn't have been nicer and more helpful. I feel a great amount of confidence in sending stuff their way.
  13. Robert  Ullman

    New Arrivals v6.0

    Nicely done, Big. I grabbed one of his 6100s awhile back myself. Dang those are some fine sweaters.
  14. I heard he caught cancer from one of your jerseys!
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