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  1. I don't think I'm ever going to find a 2009 Memorial Cup patch. My eBay search filter has hit in a few years. Does anyone know of any sellers for that type of patch or should I just try and get it custom made?
  2. Looking for the following patches: 2007 World Juniors 2009 World Juniors 2009 Memorial Cup Championships Thank you!
  3. Jamie Benn - Kelowna Rockets - red and black (this is the only jersey that has no size preference) Dallas Stars (older) jerseys - Black or White (Premiere Replica - with stitched letters or CAN Edge, or Indo Edge) Team Canada 2008(2009?) World Juniors Jersey - any color and size Team Canada 2012 IIHF Jersey (any color) replica or authentic - stitched lettering kit Team Canada 2014 jersey (any color) replica or authentic - stitched lettering kit 2012 All Star Game - can be premier standard lettering or stitched - Premier or Edge, no preference 2016 All Star Game - can be premier standard lettering or stitched - Premier or Edge, no preference Sizing (general sizing M to L) Premier Replicas prefer L, but M are okay Edges 50, 52, 54 Any help to find these would be greatly appreciated. I know a few will be very hard to find but I'm always searching! Thank you !
  4. Sorry about that! Post has been edited with price and shipping details.
  5. Location: NC, USA 27612 Pet free and smoke free home. I accept Paypal only. Jersey is blank, never worn. Tags still on it. Kept in a garment bag since purchased. EDGE 7187 Size 50 Please let me know if you want more photos. Price: $275 with shipping (priority mail and insurance + tracking anywhere in the US) Make an offer! I want this jersey gone as I received one like it but customized as a gift, and have no use for a blank jersey. Pictures:
  6. Source Judging by the comments by many fans on Twitter, I guess I was the only Penguins fan who wanted him resigned. I'm relieved that it's finally happened and now Shero can move on to resigning Dupuis.
  7. I'll buy any jersey of my favorite player: Kris Letang; different team jerseys and International ones. If Kris is chosen to play for Canada in 2014, I would definitely own that jersey. I love IIHF jerseys and would collect other players/countries just because I find those jerseys to be very different in design. I do have one jersey of my secondary favorite players. I wouldn't own a jersery of every team because I simply wouldn't spend the money for a jersey of a team I don't like.
  8. ItsBennGreat

    New Arrivals v6.0

    The Bears patriotic jersey is awesome! What a great piece for your collection
  9. eBay's recent changes in feedback and disputes have put it all in favor of the seller not the buyer. I would suggest calling Paypal at their number and hypothetically asking about how to address this issue without actualling filing a claim. You may get some advice from them how to to address this situation. Good luck with it!
  10. Have you've tried filing a disupute with Paypal...if that's what you used to pay? Or have you've just gone through eBay?
  11. According to Renaud Lavoie of RDS Iginla has submitted a list of four teams he would want to be traded to: Boston Chicago Los Angeles Pittsburgh I follow RDS pretty closely but I do take much of the reporting from their blogs by a grain of salt. Still, the list includes 4 teams that are considered Cup contenders. Now what do you think about this...the list doesn't include any Canadian teams plus for any of those four to get Iginla, the trade would have to be significant. I'm surprised I don't see Montreal up there, considering they're 2nd in the East.
  12. My favorite is the zombie concept, I love zombie genre so I gravitated towards that one first. Great balance and colors throughout all your designs!
  13. ItsBennGreat

    New Arrivals v6.0

    Gorgeous Blues jerseys...really like that TJ Oshie one. The yellow really pops in the numbers!
  14. Hey HJimm, You can find a Glatt jersey here: http://www.gongshowgear.com/canada/products/goon-official-glatt-jersey.html They have other licensed merchandise from the film there!
  15. First jersey was a CCM 550 red Blackhawks jersey, customized with Patrick Kane in 2010.
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