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  1. Post Deleted There's no need to be confrontational, especially when you are defending knockoff jerseys on a forum hosted by a legitimate dealer. Perhaps some time off will let you know the type of behavior we expect here and how seriously we take the issue of counterfeit jerseys.
  2. Of course I was joking... I know this jersey has no financial value. But just thinking about the comments I will get when wearing it in Quebec City, my hometown, makes me laugh... Some people will say that this color should have been the Nords colors instead of the powder blue color. UNIQUE jersey. I like it. Hey, some fun for $55...
  3. Fakes are not equal quality from one supplier to the other. Somme are really bad (your example) and some I got are good quality. You have to choose the right supplier.
  4. Au contraire... The value increase when it's wrong because it is unique. True for everything!!!!!
  5. Shawinigan Cataractes Quebec Remparts Chicoutimi Saguenéens
  6. I would never wear the LEAFS jersey. I dislike their uniforms...and the team.
  7. My link I like the blue ones. *** Sorry if that has been posted already. I'm a newbie here!!!!
  8. I do. During weekends and sometimes at work... Once I had to film a presentation by our president at work. I forgot about it and in the morning I put my red Habs jersey. Too late to go back home so I was in front of all senior officers wearing my jersey. The Prez look at me and said : "Nice jersey, very coloful" and he started his presentation.He was an Habs fan I presume. My favorite to wear : As de Québec - Quebec Aces 1952 replica jersey by Ebbets Field Flannels. Very warm. A beauty! Old styles I prefer.
  9. Ya, the Nords prototype would be great.
  10. Is it possible to win the war against imitations from China? I doubt...
  11. I received from a seller on EBay a nice but dark blue Nordiques jersey. The Nords had a light blue jersey... not dark. Anyway, I will keep it...the value of this chineese made jersey will go up sometimes!!! What can you expect for $55 US dollars? They call it Classic Nordiques jersey...
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