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  1. Really wish the Canucks went with the white 92 - 97. As you see, we've already (and recently) done the black.
  2. Going with Larionov. I’ve actually got a Krutov. One of my favourite sweaters.
  3. Looking for a white Canucks 1989 - 92. Can be blank or customized in sizes 52 - 56.
  4. Looking for both black and white CCM Ultrafil.
  5. Replicas and some Edge 1.0’s were released as retail. Only 2.0’s I’ve known about were a small handful of Team Issued ones that got snatched up. Other than that, for gamers, it’s this opening night set and then the second 40th set that I believe was worn 4 games. That second set is nowhere to be found. Books will be written.
  6. Finally got my hands on a 40th. 2010/11 Mikael Samuelsson 2016/17 Ryan White. Decent wear and double patched.
  7. Thinking of making this 1989/90 either a Larionov or a Skriko. Thoughts?
  8. Few newbies. 91/92 Robin Bawa. Both have pretty decent wear and sewn in, shoe string fight strap. My favourite of the many Canuck styles. 2016/17 Preseason Tuomo Ruutu 2017 Youngstars Kole Lind
  9. Yeah. I wouldn’t be overly stoked either on that customization. Beautiful style, though!
  10. Also looking for a blue Canucks Edge nameplate. Thanks.
  11. Looks like the same sort of material EPS used before I started sending them plate material along with the jersey. Going to do the same with Keener, just to be safe.
  12. Looking for 6 Ultrafil nameplates. 3 white and 3 black.
  13. Hawt. Do they carry the proper Ultrafil? I've reached out, but yet to hear back.
  14. Figured I would resurrect this guy instead of starting a new thread. Anybody got any 90’s Canucks done up by Keener they can share? EPS has always done mine, but I just don’t think I can wait 5 months again for four sweaters. Was going to maybe give Keener a try.
  15. The Bure banner in the current colours bugs me every single time I look up at it. Honestly, that’s such a Vancouver move.
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