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  1. EBay

    thank you for the replies on the av's jersey... i love the style of their numbers and names and those are jerseys i don't want even slightly off...
  2. It is good or not?

    that'd been aketon matt not brilliant
  3. It arrived today v2.0

    as you like to say "PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN" and how come hes not getting reprimanded as i do for posting saying "got jerseys i will post pics in a few" ....
  4. EBay

    HAHAH.... ok ill put my neck out on this one as im always afraid if i ask about something someone else will sweep it up but so i dont get yelled at again what do you guys think good or bad customization?
  5. EBay

    o ok thanks... glad to have at least ONE! ...
  6. EBay

    i'm sensing sarcasm and hostility...
  7. EBay

    i think thats a first here... like i said to each its own...for one i did not know the guys history prior to buying the jersey but i saw the jersey and JUMPED on it... because its awesome if any one want detailed pics due to the fact their in limbo of getting it or not lmk what you want and ill be glad to take pics...
  8. EBay

    i have one... its one of my fav jerseys... i dont see how its a FAKE if it was NEVER PRODUCED... but to each its own i guess... i think the jersey is of amazing quality, and shows what could have been one of the coolest jerseys EVER!...
  9. It arrived today

    i have no problem answering your ? yes it costs me sometimes 5-6x more to customize a jersey for what i get them for...and it sometimes SUCKS to have to do that BUT!... yes i do have money to blow, its just authentics are VERY HARD to come by in most cases for what im looking for or just happen to come across and im VERY! inpatient i mean ive been collecting for around 5 years but never had the $ so the only time i would get jerseys was christmas and bday now i have my own steady high flowing income i can get what ever my heart desires, and back in may is when i started to fully collect in may i only had 8 jerseys 3 months later i have 178 with 10 or so intransit... so i know i can get what i want... all in all what i was just babbling and rambling on about, i would buy authentics IF they showed up at a price i like and in the style, team etc. that i'm looking for its just they dont SHOW UP!... @sluggermatt.... yeah coffey has always been a favorite of mine, the reason i didnt go with the 3 patch 92 or 3 patch cup jersey is because there wasn't any one of intrest AND the 3 patches i like are the 75th 25th and the cup patch and they didnt wear them together so i said eff it and made my 2nd ccm/maska black skating penns jersey a 91 coffey to go with my 91 recchi that im getting done up
  10. It arrived today

    just got the mail #3 for me considering 1 will become a 94 recchi SHORTLY the other will become a 97 LeClair , thinking about a 96 Desjardins for this bad boy... and this will soon be a 91 Paul Coffey with a SCF patch
  11. EBay

    but i DONT! want Gretzky... i would like to get someone else...Tocchet, Druce, Laperriere, not sure who wore it out of them but thats who i would want
  12. EBay

    i would be all over that, but i don't need another blank burger king taht will never get customized, due to the fact that the only name anyone will do is Gretzky ...
  13. It arrived today

    snap down to 15... im heading to scoop a few up now!.... LOVE the roenick and prongers sungod!... THEY ARE SICK!!!...
  14. It arrived today

    edit they were in the mens athletic wear...
  15. It arrived today

    yeah im not sure who to get on mine but im going to pick up maybe 5 mroe