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  1. LesNordiques

    EPS stripping

    Looking to get a NFL jersey stripped, EPS won't touch individual orders for any NFL jersey wether customizing or stripping as they have a deal with NFL and NFLPA where they can only receive jerseys from NIKE directly. So anyone know another good place that will strip a jersey (NFL) ? Has anyone done one themselves and I presume just the same as doing NHL jerseys? Thanks
  2. LOL he is selling it as a Forsberg jersey, (not Sundin) and he said he can't change the pic now because there's already bids on it. I emailed the seller asking about the pic.... and also told him if it comes with the 75th Anniversary Patch then it's so wrong as Forsberg wasn't even in the NHL then.... he replied ya it comes with us but the buyer can remove the patch, lol
  3. LesNordiques

    Ebay 2.0

    ya been watching that jersey, $1200??? fuckin joke.... no name and the #2 font is not even correct. I wish it was blank.... Was at $500 bid and now it's back to $152... hmmmmm
  4. LesNordiques

    Hockey Metal

    Ya I tried looking for a bigger pic of that one, however that is the one that was published by the Toronto Sun newspaper the day after the concert. The larger one I just got lucky and found that..... too bad he's wearing a Leafs jersey tho, glad it was for just one song, LOL
  5. LesNordiques

    Hockey Metal

    One of my favorites, James Maynard Keenan from TOOL came out wearing a Maple Leafs jersey during their concert at the Molson Ampitheatre in Sep.2006.... I remember the date as I was there!
  6. Mitchell & Ness has a 40% off all NHL & NBA jerseys from now til end of playoffs.... http://www.mitchellandness.com/
  7. well a 1983 patch the Nordiques wore for a brief period just sold for $61.00 on ebay! WTF! I had my eyes on that but no f.uckin way I'm paying that much for a patch!!!! Unless it's from 1920!
  8. I had same problem. Seller shipped me a Raiders jersey March 21, (from Greensville NC) I receieved it (Ontario) on April 15th. Almost a month! Yet I had other items sent from California after April 5th that I recieved before the 14th!
  9. The place that sells a replica wrong rookie jersey of Sundin for $500? lol http://cgi.ebay.com/MATS-SUNDIN-Quebec-Nordiques-SIGNED-Rookie-NHL-JERSEY-/140531900900?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20b85aa1e4
  10. legit seller too, not sure about jerseys but I bought alot of great Nordiques stuff from him
  11. If anyone here collects Mitchell & Ness jerseys, starting today they have a sale on, 30% off any order http://www.mitchellandness.com/
  12. I dunno, ask SportsK, they did the same to me!!! I didn't know I had to specify a nameplate, I thought was common sense!! Then they made the numbers look like toothpicks, so skinny.... was horrible! So whenever I get any done now, thru places like MLL and Don, I always give him photos, measurements etc... I also have a local store here I can take to as well, I prefer to bring the jersey in myself and talk to the person doing it, rather than thru the mail.... but sometimes you got to send them away, so I may sound really picky but I just like to be safe and supply as much photos/info as possible. I had 2 messed up, but those were my fault I guess.... and also had 3 jerseys messed up where it wasn't my fault, I mean, heck I even supplied photos and they did the font wrong! I only collect Nordiques/Raiders jerseys, so not that easy for me to buy Gamers from few decades ago, so it's authentic or very good replica's for me.... can't afford the Hall of Famer game worns, lol.
  13. wtf is this? http://cgi.ebay.com/vintage-QUEBEC-NORDIQUES-Wendel-Clark-17-NHL-JERSEY-L-/350449211313?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item51986697b1
  14. I know this is off topic, well, just for the sport... but does anyone own a Mitchell & Ness authentic NFL jersey and can send me or post close up photos of it??? I never bought any, nor seen any before, their website shows the graphic pictures and not actual photos which I hate, and most I find on ebay etc are fakes and want to see the difference in quality from a real M&N NFL jersey... stitching, mesh material etc.... the bottom tags. Thanks
  15. ya, I guess it depends with me as well. I would never buy anything autographed, never, majority probably fake. I would get items signed in person, that I dont mind at all, but as for jerseys? Well I guess if I don't plan on wearing that jersey ever again then sure, but again, would have to be me getting it signed in person. I have other stuff signed like pucks, cards etc. I'm still debating wether to get Dale Hunter to sign my jersey, he here every week I just haven't had time to get down to the JLC to watch a Knights game. Speaking of getting blown off, back in the 80's I went down to the Nordiques dressing room area after a practice before a game vs the Leafs, got a bunch of signatures of some players (Jeff Brown, Greg Smyth, Darin Kimble, Jeff Jackson, Michel Petit, Martin Madden), then I see Michel Goulet sitting there, I'm wearing my Goulet jersey, nobody around but there's a barrier so i can't actually go to him, he just sittin there after practice in hallway by himself drinking a Gatorade, I shout out, he turns looks at me and say's, "Nah, after the game"... b@stard!!! LOL, I never forgot that moment! Was just like the Mean Joe Green and Coke commercial, except I was the kid that got blown off, LOL
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