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  1. Hey, I am new here and live in London, What jersey style are you looking for? The RBK style or the older ones? According to the suplliers each OHL team has a contract with the city that they play in. o getting OHL jerseys for other teams are hard to get. (I tried ot buy a Brampton one for a friend and was told eBay opr directly from the team because of the exclusivity contracts. Any hoo let me know what you ar elloking fo and I will take a look. I woal by the team store every day. I can also get them fomr my T-shirt supplier.
  2. Not sure if this is the right section but I am looking at purchasing a machine for twill cresting. I have been told the Singer 20u33 is a good one to get but does anyone have any other suggestions for a good heavy duty industrial machine for cresting numbers? Thanks G
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