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  1. jerseycollector

    The feedback thread

    6 Yzermans across the pond from NuJerzeyDevil in record time. Perfect transaction!
  2. jerseycollector

    customization laugher

    Good eye DC, love that album. Curious why the seller who posts all day on this forum and knows it's off doesn't mention that a crackhead got a hold of the twill cutter?
  3. jerseycollector

    customization laugher

    Whoever cut the letters for the name was smoking something! My link
  4. jerseycollector

    Who Sells the 2011-2012 Lightning Gamers?

    Sold direct thru the club. Lightning
  5. jerseycollector

    It is good or not?

    The "E" in the name is off too .
  6. jerseycollector

    New arrivals v5.0

    Not sure where you live but it works for me....especially since from "work" to door is 10 feet!
  7. jerseycollector


    0 feedback? The guy has a feedback rating of over 700 and he's been a member since 2004! A quick look at the pics was all you needed anyway.
  8. jerseycollector

    Season Ticket Prices

    Mine are a real bargain! $17500 - Canucks for 2 seats. Split with a friend.
  9. jerseycollector

    New arrivals v5.0

    Hey...where do I accuse you of stealing pictures? I was just trying to figure out how the hell you can post pictures of a jersey that was still listed!
  10. jerseycollector

    New arrivals v5.0

    Then how did you get pictures of a jersey from an auction that hadn't even ended yet? My link
  11. jerseycollector

    New arrivals v5.0

    So I found a local 90's collector, wow his house is full of memorabilia. Now I know to some of you this is not a WOW because you might own one but for me it's an amazing addition to my collection that one day will belong to my son. I did get a kick Arse deal on it and for a 20 year old jersey it's in pretty good shape. I know that the jersey is missing a nameplate and I feel that the "C" is a bit to big. I asked the guy who customized the jersey and he told me that his mistress did all his jerseys. Also as you can see the 9 has Sakic's auto on it and he told me he got it during on of the Kings game and it's 150% real if not I'll get double the money back Who would have a Ultrafil name plate for this baby? Are these your pics of the jersey or the sellers?
  12. jerseycollector

    New arrivals v5.0

    An iron and less time than it took you to post this.
  13. jerseycollector

    It is good or not?

    There's nothing wrong with the fight strap on the jersey. Not all Team Canada jerseys come with the IIHF patch.
  14. jerseycollector

    The ULTIMATE Chicago Blackhawks Jersey collection...

    Holy s*** that is awesome!
  15. jerseycollector

    Blackhawks WC authenticity check

    It's all here. http://forums.icejerseys.com/index.php?showtopic=2412