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  1. I just recieved my first jersey from IJ today from FedEX, Premier Avalanche 3rd Jersey. I had another one given to me as a gift, Premier Avalanche Home Jersey, from this site and let me tell you I am very impressed...neither was customized but will be sending em in sooner than later and based on their service I bet the customization will be incredible. Great Job IJ!!
  2. I was thinking about Yip...he is growing on me and played real well in the playoffs he is now on the list of possibilities haha....Thanks for all the input everyone keep it coming you guys are great!!
  3. Best deal for me was from TMLFAN on here who sold me a replica blank away Avs jersey and its in transit to me now!!
  4. Ok so Sakic is a for sure for one of my jerseys. I have two remaining jerseys and here are the names I am considering: Duchene Foote Stastny Hejduk Svatos Yelle Liles
  5. No need to customize any of the three to a Forsberg now, I am purchasing this lil gem at the beginning of the month. Yes its a replica but I dont mind.
  6. Wow!! Nice find Flame Jersey Collector! Forsberg is back on my list of possibilities haha
  7. That's exactly why I was hesitant to put Roy or Forsberg on them, simply cuz they never wore the jersey. I know the players I like its just hard when you have more than 3 faves and only have 3 jerseys to go with haha. Thanks for the feedback though
  8. haha I was SO thinking of getting claude...Im thinking peter forsberg and maybe maybe patrick roy...dont know yet...suggesstions, reccomendations still welcome
  9. Ok so I am an AVS fan and have all three jerseys in the RBK line and am thinking of sending them in to IJ for customization. My dilemma is...current or past players? haha...It seems logical that one of them be a Sakic....but can't decide on other two. Any suggestions, recommendations for names or how to go about choosing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. My favorite team is the Avalanche...been a fan since I first saw them play the infamous series with the Wings. Naturally as an Avs fan I don't care for the Wings haha but certainly do respect them. My #2 team is the Coyotes! Living in southwest Texas, and PHX not being all that far, I have been able to go see the Coyotes play twice. The first pro game ever for me was my 21st birthday and they played the Wings ha and went to a 1-1 tie...this was the last year where ties were allowed I believe. Then I saw the Coyotes play the Sharks in 08 and they go trounced 5-1...I remember this game being empty haha. As for memorabilia I have all 3 RBK replica jerseys for the Avs, hope to get all 3 customized by IJ at some point. Now looking for the KOHO/CCM Burgundy alternate from years back ha if anyone can point me in the direction of one I would appreciate it Also getting ready to start my Coyotes jersey collection...then possibly signed pucks of both teams. I have a great love for the sport overall
  11. I didnt know where to post this per say but if I wasn't supposed to post it here I do apologize. Does or could anyone point me in the right direction of where I could find Colorado Avalanche goalie masks to display? Thanks to anyone who can provide me with guidance or info. Much Appreciated
  12. Hey everyone! I recently purchased a white avalanche jersey and it was a large and I usually wear a medium and had it fitted/hemmed a bit. My question is will this cause an issue if I send it in to IJ to have it customized? How would I go about filling out the customization form for this particular jersey because of the alterations. Thanks for any help that can be provided! Much Appreciated
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