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  1. Look for replacement shoe laces in the correct color. That is really all that they are. (Back in the day, they actually used to use skate laces.) Paul www.PensJerseys.com
  2. Paul

    Video Clips

    That clip reminded me of this one: Paul www.PensJerseys.com
  3. Paul

    Video Clips

    This one is classic... whatever happened to Mick McGeough? Does he still work in the NHL? Paul www.PensJerseys.com
  4. For what it's worth, I have a couple Fatheads, and they're a great product. I have even moved them around a couple times, and they still stick well. Paul www.PensJerseys.com
  5. What about just using your last name of Moriarity? I think that actually sounds like a pretty good name for a hockey equipment company. Paul www.PensJerseys.com
  6. As elementary as this post seems, it is good info for those people who like to fold jerseys up incorrectly so that the fit into the "small" sized USPS Priority Mail boxes... I HATE when I receive a jersey that has been all mashed up to fit into one of those tiny boxes. And don't even get me started on the folks who ship jerseys in bags rather than boxes... Paul www.PensJerseys.com
  7. For those interested, here is a link to a pic on my website that shows the jersey style that Sluggermatt15 is referencing: http://www.pensjerseys.com/gameworns/Penguins77-78RoadMalone.html Paul www.PensJerseys.com
  8. I would email or call them... they are generally very responsive. I wouldn't think that it would be too big of an issue as long as the jersey wasn't seriously shortened to the point where it was no longer large enough to fit the lettering/numbering on that back. Paul www.PensJerseys.com
  9. Word is that the Pens are not going to be wearing the current baby blue uniforms again and will be introducing a new 3rd jersey next season. I have heard that it is likely also going to be a blue throwback, possibly in the late-70s style. I would assume that they would be wearing that at the Winter Classic as well -- or perhaps even introduce it there. I hope they don't introduce two new throwbacks next year... that would be a little much. Paul www.PensJerseys.com
  10. Ah, yes... makes sense. Thanks! Paul www.PensJerseys.com
  11. Paul

    94-97 All-Star Jerseys

    '96... the older the better for Coffey I think, since his skills started to deteriorate pretty badly in his later years. Paul www.PensJerseys.com
  12. These are great. Do you have any other Pens ones that might show the logo a little better? Paul www.PensJerseys.com
  13. So are both of them being referred to as a "Winter Classic", or just the game in Pittsburgh?
  14. Paul

    94-97 All-Star Jerseys

    Go with the Coffey Wings!
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