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  1. True North Hockey

    Habs TBTC

    Habs jersey left.
  2. True North Hockey

    The Want List

    Looking for a purple western conference blank jersey size 52-54.
  3. True North Hockey

    Habs TBTC

    Montreal Canadiens TBTC Size 44 blank $300 shipped Detroit Red Wings TBTC Yzerman Size 48 ***Sold*** PM for pics, questions.
  4. True North Hockey

    The Want List

    Looking for purple Western Conference 94-97 All star jersey.
  5. True North Hockey

    In-hand reviews of the new Adizero Indo Jersey

    You are not alone! The paranoia of someone touching and soiling your jersey is real? It is rare if I wear a jersey out of my home and if I do I find myself scouting the area I'm wearing it like an FBI agent looking for possible danger. Food hazards, possible people that could randomly walk up and touch it with dirty hands. Is this over the top? ?
  6. True North Hockey

    The Want List

    Looking for a blank 1996 Western Conference Purple All Star Jersey size 52-56. Still looking!
  7. True North Hockey


    Looking forward to seeing how Laine fits on a line with Scheifele and Wheeler. Can't wait for the season to start! One thing we can all agree on is seeing more Canadian teams in the playoffs next year. ?
  8. True North Hockey


    Sheesh sensitive .... I would expect more joy from getting the #1 pick. Can only imagine the joy if the oilers claimed that pick from leafs nation.
  9. True North Hockey


    Very happy how my jets moved up in the draft ! ??
  10. HI there,

    I've asked before I believe but I noticed you have a couple extra blank 96 alternate islanders and canucks. Any chance they are for sale or trade?


  11. True North Hockey

    Winnipeg Jets Logo Revealed at 4:00 PM Central Time

    Being from Winnipeg I think the logo is sort of in the the middle of what people might have expected. While its not the most amazing logo ever is certainly is not a complete bust considering the time they had to create it. The fact they used the military theme blended with a patriotic one with the maple leaf is cool considering the history of the air force in Manitoba. The more I look at it great job by True North. You have elements of being Canadian, with ties to the past and community with the jet. Also it gives the team the opportunity to come back this year or the following with a 3rd jersey that you could actually have an old jets logo to satisfy the people craving the styles from the past. If they would have come out with a logo similar to the old one now, what do you use for your retro jersey?? True North got it right, can't wait for the home opener!! GO JETS GO!!
  12. True North Hockey

    1990-2011 Authentic Fight Strap Jerseys - Size chart?

    CCM did make a size 46 and 50.
  13. True North Hockey

    Best Jersey Site To Buy Vintage CCM Jerseys

  14. True North Hockey

    Your favorite authentic NHL jersey type

    For me it's ultrafil all the way. God Bless you CCM......you were the best...