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  1. A co-worker told me he could get any pro jersey for 50 bucks! Of course I was like, sweet I want Lemieux! Well I knew deep down that it would prob be a knock off but I wanted to see for myself...The jersey came today: It was one of the better fakes that Ive seen...quality material, all stitched...but there is a Stanley Cup finals patch in the upper right portion of the jersey and instead of "Stanley Cup" it stays "Stanlby Cup"! Darn! Good thing I planned on having it framed with the back name and number showing... but he dropped the price to 40 bucks so i'm not too bummed. But for any other jersey that I intend to wear, I will not be buying any more knock offs.
  2. I also recently purchased a fake Lemieux jersey...mine is also a 1991 and to the naked eye almost everything looks great except.....the Stanley Cup patch says "Stanlby Cup". I guess the Chinese don't know how to spell Stanley...but anyway, kinda sucks a little but I was planning on framing it with the back name and number exposed so the patch won't even be visible... and I would still say it's worth the 40 bucks I paid!
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