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  1. Been out of this interest for a little while, but with my wife's cousin now on the Island, looking for some current style edge jerseys made in Canada. Blank is what I am after home or away....shipping to Canada. Thx
  2. Sweet Modano alt font from Slim...flawless(of course)....even delivered on Sunday!.... Made for a great Christmas.
  3. Quick arrival from Chowhound on his Bure alt......would've been tough to let that go...
  4. HI there,

    I've asked before I believe but I noticed you have a couple extra blank 96 alternate islanders and canucks. Any chance they are for sale or trade?


  5. yeah, name is glacier as well....
  6. Glacier twill is the proper top layer for those, I have a few including a Lalime gamer from that year. Having said that the cool thing (for you) is that CCM only made those the first year used and they were not offered at a retail level( neither was Boston CCM or Ducks/Kings of course), so what u have is likely a leftover. They're pretty rare so hang onto it and chose the player carefully....
  7. No, for the all star year that looks to be correct, the red ans blue would be old small block ccm(I think 'Hockeymusic' has one in his sig pictures....
  8. finished a trans for a Bruins and Lightning with Brilliant!, all good, items I needed and he was more than willing to hold them until Canadappost strike was done..thx again.
  9. wondering what material the Allstar 96 patches were on the gamers that Boston wore....came across a rubberized version and it just loooks like too much work put into to be a fake, any ideas? All the ones I ever saw for sale(and on retail jerseys ) were the stitched style...
  10. WAY too late....he's done on the 'bay'..no longer a registered user, i filed a claim to get my money back(got some), dealt with an Erik or Eric from Blaine Minnesota before too....it ended the same way, maybe the same guy...
  11. Guess this is the best place to put this....what a mess....true fans don't do this crap.. Granted packing that many people into a downtown square probably not the best idea, and keeping it Canadian, they looted at the Bay, perfect! At least one guy got it, made the stop and probably regretted it....flashbang to the groin...
  12. Not too particular, just looking for a white with the 10yr...., might be interested in a Theodore....its more or less based on price....depending on the player $300-500 range i suppose...
  13. its from the season ticket holder set of 1970, made by Wilkinson Sword of England...has 2 Sabres logos and states 'To commemorate the enrty of the Buffalo Sabres into the NHL 1970 - Coach Punch Imlach'
  14. nice vintage pick ups Hockeymusic..some excellent classics! last of the allstars, and the non jersey p/u, Sabres fans will konw it, the flash blocked the inscription....
  15. Team Staal....and a 98 Hasek...
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