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  1. I think trade only at his point...what are u after/offering...you have some awesome ones too!
  2. NHL.com is listing premiers for 124 to 160 w or w/o customization...so i guess a pro with poor description....especially at $300!!!
  3. Day or 2, well between work, and all the daily life stuff recovering photos is more work than I thought but its done and uploaded.....the Allstars....in my photo file they stayed in order but they seem to have gotten jumbled here....'F' notes front, 'B' of course is back....some from 1980 until now. 1980, 82, 84 repros unfortunately but always looking....
  4. Iced on the Island


    Moginy fans...someone should grab this.....Mogilny 93 allstar no #
  5. give me a day or 2, got hit with wicked virus on the hard drive, just backed up all the files and just have tofinish installing all the programs i use...you never realize how many until they all have to go back in at once....
  6. So i guess if one of us wears a jersey to a game we can call it 'game-worn' now????
  7. There's a Kolzig..white one early 2000s no Capitals on front pg 2/3...
  8. Hometime, back to the 'peg....growing up there so they were always a favorite back to 79 and their entry to the NHL....Jets, included is horrific Hawerchuk fake w/wrong font/oversized front cresting
  9. Caps are up....Washington, edge Ovie knockoff at end, its a later one and compared to a real one the only best way to tell is by Reebok vector on back neck and the strap...its a real bad sign that they are getting better....
  10. The other Pit. knockoff are photos 186/7..the home white early 90's....its actually pretty good..but look close..to TMLFAN..thx, yours is a nice rep of the TO as well...
  11. Finished Vancouver, workin' on Washington..Canucks, included is poor attempt at recreating 6100 Naslund....side by side to real one, what were they thinking???? - not even close...
  12. Geez its like there's nothing else to do today...added T.O....included the early edge fakes...and a toros repro..Toronto
  13. Rolling right along....with LightningTampa
  14. I Beleive House o Hockey on ebay had them...they are reputable and in Pittsburgh...look for their Pit. jersey auctions....
  15. Blues done, centre ice, starter, 80's arched logo, up to edge....St Louis..
  16. 3 new, waiting on one more... 1. Avs old 3rd 2.Lucic GI Winter Classic 3.Park GW with core of the four..[http://sports.webshots.com/photo/2853817360106546041RshYqU[/img] http://sports.webshots.com/photo/2307000380106546041ltvkup[/img]http://sports.webshots.com/photo/2264423890106546041ZavLbl[/img]http://sports.webshots.com/photo/2919234760106546041TJHHPw[/img]http://sports.webshots.com/photo/2083427740106546041gtTwEO[/img]
  17. Got backlogged with thing other than jerseys(it does happen i guess....) Pens are up: 1. included knockoffs as an educational piece(WC, edge, 6100, and the great 92 with sewn together panels and colors that are WAY off..), they are noted/tagged and pictured in with the authentic ones..I prefer to keep them as examples to show people what to look for and so they don't get burned on the great deal. There is one more not noted, will note it on Sun if no one finds it, a friend bought it and was very disappointed when shown what was wrong there.... 2. included WBS Pens here and Rimouski(with 87), and a GU 3rd to become an 87.... 3. I realize the cresting on 2 of the 3 late 80s home jerseys is a disaster, BUT...those are very rare and totally possible to be stripped and fixed (eventually) Nords up as well, some vintage centre ice, some vintage line and some possible early 90's protos I've come across... Penguins, and Nords
  18. Iced on the Island


    almost looks like Starter mesh..with CCM tagging....no wait its an abomination
  19. It says 'WOW' in the description , no kidding....wow
  20. Super rare would've kept anyway , but hit him...where does he think some of this is worth that???
  21. Iced on the Island


    Too cheap, deta il avoided in pics, front NHL shield/neck tags don't seem centred..I'd avoid....
  22. Oh, and make sure you put the "M", so we know if it is Mario or Claude....they both played....
  23. its the arched syle...like u I love those they should have stayed with em...preview...Gilmour home size 44(too small to wear but its all i ever found, 48 road still blank, and (no size) Wamsley with beat up heat press #'s..born on 07-86 in neck...think its too small for GI, but still a pro with strap..give me about 2-3 days..(CCM version)
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