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  1. mmajeski06

    eBay version 4.0

    Is this seller trustworthy? Seems like a really good deal (too good?) http://www.ebay.com/itm/NHL-Rbk-CCM-Authentic-Carolina-Hurricanes-Hockey-Jersey-New-Size-50-MSRP-300-/371113299488?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5668138e20
  2. ~ I had a Columbus Blue Jackets premier where after a hand-wash I noticed the bottom two points of the star were lifting up. I used some fabric glue to get them back down. Might have been a dud though, since when the jersey arrived (from NHL.com) the top point had a small crease in it.
  3. Im thinking of getting a Jack Johnson Cbus jersey soon, with the impending departure of Nash on the horizon. So the question what is the correct nameplate for Johnson. Ive seen him wear J. JOHNSON and just JOHNSON in some games. The Jackets team shop inthe arena has J. JOHNSON and NHL.com has JOHNSON. Which is correct?
  4. Thanks for the info! At first I thought it may have been a mistake. Do you know if they sell the M patches separately?
  5. I just got a Lake Erie Monsters replica over the weekend..one thing I noticed is that they now only have one shoulder patch, the Avalanche logo. There is no M alternate logo on the left shoulder anymore. When did this change?
  6. Agreed. I got a Daneyko CCM throwback from IJ, but I think it would be a foul to get a Daneyko Edge throwback.
  7. Ebay and Ice Jerseys for me.
  8. I asked this in another thread, but if I were to order a premier jersey from ice jerseys, could I request with the customization that they also remove the jock tag? Do you think they would be willing?
  9. Quick question about the Jock Tag...if I were to get a custom premier jersey from Ice Jerseys, would they be willing to remove the jock tag for me, if I requested it at the time of the order?
  10. I know what you mean. I got suckered into one on ebay, before I knew about this place. Total garbage.
  11. You know what I really hate...that there is a thread on a certain popular hockey message board devoted to discussing these counterfeit jerseys. Curiosity sometimes gets the best of me, and I find myself surfing though the thread, and I have to say, seeing the success some people have with these sites makes it awfully tempting to try my luck as well. But then I think of the horror stories, see some of the crap people get, and also realize the guy I would be ordering from just wants my cash and doesn't give a crap if they spell Kovalchuk as Covalchuk, I come to my senses and stop looking. Sure the Reebok jerseys are a bit overpriced, but I am proud to say I worked hard all summer to make enough money for college next semester, and had enough left over to buy myself a legit, Daneyko Devils throwback from IJ. When it comes in the mail, I will feel a billion times better about it than any cheap, piece of crap from China.
  12. mmajeski06

    Retired Players

    Would that be sufficient to get the idea across?
  13. mmajeski06

    Retired Players

    Also sent this message along with my order: I was told on the ice jerseys message board to make sure when ordering the Devils throwback, to specify I want the old style of numbers that are correct for the 1992 era jerseys. Does this seem clear enough, and IJ will understand what I mean?
  14. It says to share it with anyone you know and I first found it on the Chris Creamer's Sports Logos board...so I guess the IJ board is fair game: Just got 30% off a Daneyko throwback jersey. If I broke any rules by posting this here, just let me know and I will delete it.
  15. My Brodeur jersey arrived today...it was an ebay purchase. Happy with it, and a great jersey for $50. Sorry for the crappy camera phone picks
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