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  1. Oh, well at least I'm not the only one! They are gorgeous. I wanted one in 1991, but I was just too small! That, and I was 13, and didn't have cash to spend on jerseys. The best way to tell a fake Hawks jersey is in the stitching. Authentic Blackhawks jerseys have the "chain stitching" that makes the feathers and shoulder patches look like the stitching is done in loops. If it doesn't have that, it's fake.
  2. I bought one of those Final patches to sew on my Hjammer red home jersey. Looks sweet in person. I haven't seen the one with the Hawks logo on it.
  3. JoshHawksFan78


    I say just pull the trigger if you can't find it elsewhere. Money's for spending! (As a Wings fan, you are supposed to be my sworn enemy! jk) Josh
  4. JoshHawksFan78


    Good, it's not just me who thinks jerseypro is a tad overpriced! That Lafontaine jersey the other guy is selling is sweet! Wish I had some cash.
  5. The Flyers played a hell of a series, they are a tough tough team. Of course, my heart is with the Hawks, and I really didn't want to see a Game 7! A great series by both teams, I'm just happy the Men of the Four Feathers won Now, hopefully they won't get too beat up with the pending salary cap issues on the horizon, and I can get my Versteeg home jersey. Or Bolland. He's a bad Arse
  6. Hi guys, Great message board you have here. I cannot believe it took me this long to find it! This thread is very helpful in educating about the finer points of authentics and fakes. I bought a few CCM authentics in the 1990s (Belfour white and Bure road), but haven't bought any jerseys in a while. I'm looking into a new Hawks EDGE, and ebay is way shady. Thanks for the tips. Also ,if anyone has any 1990s CCM authentic ultrafil jerseys, I am always looking. Especially for the 1991 TBTC barbepole Hawks jersey. Josh
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