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  1. Modano9

    What's the standard numbers size?

    Having old Sabres (PERREAULT) and Flyers (PARENT) jerseys done up. Some of my jerseys have 10 inch numbers, some 11, some 12. What's the standard? Jerseys are from the late 70s. Thanks.
  2. Modano9

    The Want List

    Looking for Sandow and older CCM: Hartford Whalers Sandow SK Washington Capitals Sandow Sk or 1980s CCM (5 stars on sleeves) Philadelphia Flyers Sandow SK (orange) Quebec Nordiques Sandow SK or 1980s CCM (pref white) Montreal Canadiens Sandow SK (white) Buffalo Sabres early-mid 70s with neck strings (Any legit brand) New York Islanders Sandow SK Sandow Size M or L CCM Size L Thanks
  3. Modano9

    Sandow SK Canada Cup jersey advice

    Looking like screen printing won't be an option. Nobody can do it for me....not without charging me an arm and a leg anyways. "Too expensive for a one-off." kind of thing. One place told me $90 just for name alone. Might have to go with heat pressed vinyl here.
  4. Modano9

    Sandow SK Canada Cup jersey advice

    Hmmm. Doable then? Suppose I'd have to check with my local place that does it in Edmonton.
  5. I have an old late 70s/early 80s durene Sandow SK Canada jersey and I'm wanting to get it done up. Gonna go with PERREAULT 11 Now in researching, they wore Sandow in the 1981 CC, albeit the jerseys look to be mesh rather than durene. The names and numbers though look to be the heat pressed / plastic stuff. My question is, do I go with the heat pressed stuff or actual stitching? I know it's likely a personal choice, and personally I'm leaning towards heat pressed just to be as authentic as possible, but thought I'd throw out a line to fish for any pros and cons or people with experience in the matter. Thanks
  6. Modano9

    How To WASH A JERSEY 101

    A friend recently lost his home in a fire, but managed to salvage some items. Among them, his late father's hockey jersey. The jersey is about 10 years old (Minnesota Wild), and is smoke damaged. Any tips on how to restore it? Thanks
  7. Okay thanks. Appreciate it. Figured my odds weren't too good. I may just take one of my older stitched jerseys in with me and check a couple places, see what they can do I guess. Thanks
  8. I have a Detroit Red Wings jersey made by Sandow and it's one of those that seem more of a sweater than a jersey. Wanting to get a #9 on the back and have it look the part. I don't know how to go about that. If I take it to a regular retailer or sports embroidery place and they place a current-style #9 on it, is it odd looking? I want the jersey/sweater to look as true to era as much as possible. Thanks
  9. Will do! Very much appreciated fellas (Assuming you're fellas) I will have a pic ready and take it in today. Have that baby ready for playoffs!
  10. Yes, have it sewn on. Any local seamstress/alteration place should be able to do it. As for cleaning it, either hand wash just the crest or wash the whole jersey in the washing machine on the delicate cycle (cold water) once you have the crest put on. Can't find any place local to have it sewn on then you can send it to me and I can sew it on for you. Hey thanks! I appreciate that! I have a place I take stuff too, typically pants for hemming, and once to have a jersey altered. They're pretty good. I imagine if I take it in and just show them where to put it they can take it from there. Hopefully anyways. I actually went ahead and hand washed the crest in the sink with stain remover and some liquid detergent. It's not perfect as it is quite old, but it did improve it quite a bit.
  11. Soooo.......nobody knows?
  12. Go to www.vintageminnesotahockey.com They can supply you the proper kit, or you can send it in. They do them up to spec. Only place I will purchase my North Stars jerseys from. I have a 1980-81 home Ciccarelli and a 1979-83 away Steve Payne. Beauties.
  13. Also, as you can see it's rather dirty. If there's a good way to clean it (hand wash with a little detergent?) please let me know. Thanks.
  14. My mom gave me her old Winnipeg Jets Anders Hedberg jersey before she passed a couple years ago and recently we found the crest to it. Wanting to have it placed on but not sure how to do it. Glue? Have it sewn? Thanks.
  15. Modano9

    The Want List

    Looking for a Modano-era Prince Albert Raiders jersey. I wear a L in CCM and M in Nike and Reebok. Not sure what sizing the old WHL jerseys would come in but whatever is in or about that range. Thanks.