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    CHI (winter classic) EDM (A 84) PHI (H 09) HFD (H 96) TOR (A 57) MTL (H 48) LA (A 89) WPG (A 93)
  1. Oates, baybay! (also Bure, Sakic, and Sundin were inducted)
  2. Oates

    Hockey Metal

    Surprised no one said Megadeth (if you did, sorry, I searched the topic).
  3. If you look at the finals video (not the US broadcast) it appears like Leighton hands Prongs the puck in one frame.. And I say this under the guise that it's not customary to high five a teammate after allowing a cup winning goal. My guess would be that he tossed it in the garbage if he was in possession of the puck. But my hope as a Flyers fan is that Bobrovsky was forced to eat it in one bite as part of his hazing into the NHL.
  4. Anyone here have one? I know they aren't wool, but I'd like to hear some opinions on the quality. I'm considering having one customized if I can figure out how to get #'s that will look decent on it.
  5. They came through for me a while back.
  6. The little ball of hate, Dineen, Sanderson, or Kapanen would be my choices. In that order.
  7. I have the video of Probert's breakaway goal, his skill set was underrated because he made a career out of playing tether ball with peoples faces.. Grimson on the other had made everyone duck when he took a shot (anyone remember his slap shot in game 4 from the '92 finals?). His cocaine addiction was a culprit in some way, especially if he already had a genetic predisposition to heart disease. The cardiotoxic results of cocaine can stop a heart cold, and the lasting effects can be devastating. Wouldn't be surprised if he had arrhythmia or ventricular hypertrophy. The legend that is Bob Probert's meat hooks will remembered and talked about for a long, long time. RIP
  8. gamedaysports came through today. Lettering is dead on. Delighted with the their communication, they quickly relieved my reservations about paying for services through paypal outside of corporate stores and ebay. Would recommend them in a heart beat.
  9. Oates

    It arrived today

    Not a jersey but gauntlets.
  10. Don't have a pic of Gretzky's game worn.. Only quality photo Wayne in the jersey I'm aware of. But here's a game worn Mattias Norstrom '95 - '96:
  11. The company that lit the fuse for throwback pandemonium. Their MLB wool jackets are awesome. Have a Dornhoefer home '74 myself. Anyone else have their jerseys? They are close by and usually have more in store than on site.
  12. Do they do customs? I want a Gartner Magnum P.I. Fathead
  13. That would be Birdland & The Fightins.
  14. Oates

    Classic Auction Pain

    It's Jesus man, thought you could tell by my accent you fetachee
  15. It's on then, thanks for the vote of confidence. It's all about Lappy
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