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  1. Have the following for sale. Asking $299 each or $850 for all 3 jerseys Jerseys: 2014-2015 Olli Jokinen Toronto Maple Leafs Gameworn White Set 1 Jersey w/LOA and Photomatched 2014-2015 Olli Jokinen St. Louis Blues White Jersey w/LOA 2017 Olli Jokinen Retirement Event Worn Jersey Florida Panthers Goal pucks: (Take them all for $325) 1. $55 - Date: 3/7/2010 vs. Buffalo Sabres Goal: Brandon Dubinsky Assists: Michael Del Zotto; Olli Jokinen Goalie: Ryan Miller LOA: MSG Collectibles LOA Pictured. *Some tape slippage* 2. $115 - Date: 1/29/2013 vs. Montreal Canadiens Goal: Olli Jokinen Assists: Evander Kane; Dustin Byfuglien Goalie: Carey Price 3. $115 - Date: 1/29/2013 vs. Montreal Canadiens Goal: Blake Wheeler Assists: Olli Jokinen; Tobias Enstrom Goalie: Carey Price LOA: Montreal Canadiens 4. $69 - Date: 3/30/2013 vs. Carolina Hurricanes Goal: Olli Jokinen Assists: Evander Kane; Antti Miettinen Goalie: Justin Peters 5. $69 - Date: 12/2/2013 vs. New York Rangers Goal: Olli Jokinen Assists: Chris Thorburn; Devin Setoguchi Goalie: Cam Talbot 6. $69- Date: 12/2/2013 vs. New York Rangers Goal: Olli Jokinen . Assists: Michael Frolik; Jacob Trouba Goalie: Cam Talbot 7. $69 - Date: 2/26/2013 vs. New York Rangers Goal: Olli Jokinen Assists: Evander Kane; Ron Hainsey Goalie: Henrik Lundquist LOA: Steiner Sports
  2. Taking my own advice and keeping my mouth shut tonight. Somehow I became Casey's defender. Just because I hate the Wings doesn't mean I love the Pens. And now the Flyers tonight - a ton of issues there as well. Happy Collecting Y'all.
  3. I think I was at 15 or so, but most were admins. You have the annoying ones like Morten and Ryan Allerman. You have the db's like Derek and Stefan Prill. You have the scammers like Mancuso and Ellis. They all add up
  4. Maybe it was already on the way - (and paid for on 5/16....) Personally, I posted a leaving the hobby sale but it just didn't feel right. I took a couple of days and thought about my likes and dislikes and it came down to the Facebook groups. I still love my collection and will be keeping 90% of my jerseys but will only add via auction/ebay, at this point (unless someone sends a message). I don't know why I don't like it; it can't all be Derek Whitaker. It's definitely a little annoying being metaphorically herded by someone who has little hockey knowledge and a moderate understanding of the hobby. I'm an introvert by nature and just find a lot of the guys obnoxious.
  5. #15 arrived today. Picked up form the latest gamewornauctions.
  6. It could be, but you'd think there would be more available for sale. For Jokinen, I agree - Panthers should collect a premium. You'd be surprised though, his Jets will command a premium; Nashville not so much. But you also have the passionate Finnish fans that have them in their collections but are unwilling to sell and are buying current guys, instead of the recently retired It just seems that when you offer more than perceived market value, no one is selling and when you try selling, for less than market, no one is buying. It's strange to see jerseys that you can't buy or sell. Ebbs and flows though. There was a point where I couldn't sell a Straka Kings for $240, now I'm sure you'd get $400, easy. Kimmo Timonen's value has gone up. I feel like commons of retired guys should be around $150-200. Commons of current guys are probably slightly higher $200-250.
  7. I'm at a loss w/gamers. Most of the players I've focused on, have retired over the past 5 years. You cannot buy or sell their stuff. I offer $250 for a Radek Dvorak and crickets. I try and sell one for $175 and crickets. I try to buy an Olli Jokinen for $500 and silence. I try and sell an Olli Jokinen for $350 and silence.
  8. Paypal F/F or add 3% to cover fees. Shipping is $10 to US. No trades at this time. Thanks Additional photos at www.thejokinencollection.weebly.com and www.myfavouritegamer.weebly.com Olli Jokinen 1. 1998-1999 Los Angeles Kings Black Set 1 Jersey • MeiGray LOA • Board Burns • $1200 2. 2007-2008 IIHF WC Team Finland White Jersey • No LOA • Was a gift jersey to a family friend • Stick Marks • Autographed on back • $625 3. 2008-2009 Phoenix Coyotes Red Set 2 Jersey • DHC LOA • One board burn • $550 4. 2010-2011 Calgary Flames White Set 2 Jersey • MeiGray LOA and tagging • Light Wear • $325 5. 2010-2011 Calgary Flames Red Set 3 Jersey • MeiGray LOA and tagging • Light Wear • $325 6. 2012-2013 Winnipeg Jets Navy Jersey • Winnipeg Jets LOA • Repairs • $750 7. 2013-2014 Winnipeg Jets White Jersey • Winnipeg Jets LOA • Repairs • Photomatched • $850 8. 2014-2015 Nashville Predators Gold Set 1 Jersey • MeiGray LOA and tagging • Repairs • Photomatched • Signed on back ‘3’ (very light signature) • $399 Other Jerseys 1. Sami Salo 2007-2008 Vancouver Canucks Blue Set 3 Jersey • Gameworn Auctions LOA and MeiGray tagging (No MeiGray LOA) • Stick marks • $500 2. Radek Dvorak 2010-2011 Navy Set 2 Jersey • DHC LOA • Light Wear • $200 3. Radek Dvorak 2010-2011 White Set 2 Jersey • DHC LOA • Light Wear • $160
  9. @thedudeabides Thanks bud! Always looking for more but becoming harder and harder to find. 20 will be a cool milestone
  10. Added another one today. Back up to 14. 2008 IIHF World Championships. Size 60 but fits like a 54.
  11. www.thejokinencollection.weebly.com Always looking to pickup more gameworn Olli Jokinen jerseys
  12. Never even heard of that, will have to check it out
  13. I pay for most jerseys in installments. I don't like to pay for everything all at once, but that's just me. An extra $600+ is a lot in a pay period. Could I do it? Of course. I'd just rather not. Always pay a non-refundable deposit though. The flip side, I accept payment plans with a non-refundable deposit. Usually $50-100, depending on value. I recently had a guy that wanted to buy a jersey and put $50 down. He needed 4-5 weeks to come up with the rest. Long-story short, something came up and he couldn't finish paying. He was fine with me keeping the cash and I traded the jersey to someone else. s*** happens!
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