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  1. Never been much of a fan of the current Kings jerseys, but when it's practically free, you take it. GI Weal who played a whopping 10 games for the Kings. Definitely going to strip it and as much as I'd like to patch it as a 50th anniversary jersey, I was thinking about keeping my Hawks trend going and making it a Versteeg. I'd feel less guilty wearing it to games that way. He only played 14 games for the Kings, but obviously did two tours with the Blackhawks. Thoughts? Only other person I could think of that played for both teams would be Scuderi as he played a dozen or so games with the Hawks. Other player suggestions? Or get it customized with a franchise player and simply sell the jersey
  2. So.... where can I get a Cubs one? :) https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/26/sports/baseball/coronavirus-masks-gowns-mlb-uniforms.html Bauer also announced they're making shields. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/28952782/bauer-switches-making-hockey-equipment-medical-gear But seriously, it's great to see companies stepping up to make up for what the federal government failed to prepare for.
  3. , that's great! Going to have to buy a few and try it out. Shame I can't find any 54's. I'm surprised that soaking acetone on the front didn't have the same result, but clearly it works
  4. whaaat?!!? SO spraying on the inside and letting it sit worked? I was attempting to remove from the outside on the crest itself. Well I'll be ! What kind of spray bottle are you using?
  5. I want to say I brought it up and he was stumped as well. Honestly, it was about a year ago so I don't recall. Pretty sure I did though
  6. I’ve used him for a project I didn’t want to mess with. Solid results, reasonable prices. Would use again
  7. 1.0 Hawks gone. Two left at the moment. Gotta go through the closet and see what else is on the chopping block
  8. Where’d you find the LA purple? I tried to find one in 50 or 52 but came up empty so went with a yellow one instead
  9. I was trying to find the photo of what I thought was an Adidas jersey where the entire backside ripped after a fight. The player’s head was basically sticking out of it. Thought it was Adidas and not Reebok. Anyone else remember that?
  10. I mean, if you're jersey is already there you're going to have to buy/ship a patch to them anyway. Might as well just have them put on whichever one you want as they have them all
  11. Thank you! Yes, I was schooled on the favorite slight color difference by spudrock . NE sells one that has a charcoal background while the on-ice one is black. It’s subtle but if you’re gonna do it, you might as well do it right. EPS has the correct patches halfway down the page
  12. Two back from EPS after a bit of a wait TI VGK Reilly Smith w/ correct inaugural patches. I like patches... Dustin Brown rookie Vintage series Kings
  13. Correct. No, it covers the rubber 100% perfectly
  14. I’m out of town so I can’t measure it, but the Blackhawks WC crest was the perfect size. The base of this project was a MIC Bruins practice jersey
  15. Tried the rubber of an Indo and the less-rubber MIC. Not successful with either. I wish there was a way. Even asked a few professionals and they were at a loss as well
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