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  1. It arrived today v. 8.0

    That I have no clue on. Haven't seen a MIC Adidas Blackhawks jersey and wouldn't think about stripping one if I had one. I can't recall seeing an authentic Blackhawks crest being sold on its own in over a decade so this was the only option I could think of. For me, it'll be close enough and I'm not that picky like some people that say indo/Canada Hawks crests are 'thinner' or 'less puffy'. They're close enough.
  2. Appreciate the help everyone!! Jerseys are near perfect now. Used the above recommended fabric shaver, iron, and gave them another wash to try and help with some of the lint. Black outline after initial crest removal This photo makes a few places look like there's a minor outline, but I think that's mostly lint. In person it's nearly impossible to see White outline was more pronounced Probably need to press the right side of the jersey (left side in photo) once more, but it's not really that bad; especially when worn over pads which is what this jersey is used for Really happy with these results so thank you!
  3. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Not sure if I'd exactly call this a new pickup, but... Was a Penguins practice jersey that I stripped. Had an Indo-zero Hawks jersey that I also stripped. Now... Will be sending off to EPS or CSL to have the logos sewn on and probably done up as a Kane. If you're wondering why I went to all this trouble it was for a few reasons. 1. I've never seen a Hawks practice jersey in size 54 and that's the biggest size I can wear comfortably without pads (prefer 50). 2. Hawks practice jerseys that do come up seem to be few and far between and often go for $300+. 3. Got the Pens jersey for $75 and sold the crest/sponsorship patch for $35. The Indo Hawks only cost me $70 and I'm sure I can sell the stripped jersey for at least $30. Got the patch for free with a pair of Pro Stock Blackhawks gloves. Even after paying to have everything sewn, it'll only have cost me $125-150 out of pocket which I think is a pretty great price.
  4. It arrived today v. 8.0

    What did you use for nameplate material? Every so often I look for a Katchina, Poo Bear, and Robo Pens Starter, but if they don't come with name plate material I never commit.
  5. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Fingers crossed! I may not like the overall design, but I'll no-doubt still add a pair to my collection
  6. MeiGray Group Coupon Code

    Eh. The prices are good, but they could be *better* which is why I'm holding off. A 10% off coupon or free shipping would likely push me over the edge, as would size 54 or different teams. Downside with the Adidas practice jerseys is that you can't strip the crest so if I get an Oilers jersey I'm stuck with the Oilers! Would love to pick up a Kings or Knights black or white jersey and a Caps red jersey. Doubt any of those will happen anytime soon, but we'll see.
  7. I did try using an iron and it did help. Might try again using more pressure I have not tried a fabric shaver although I did jokingly consider using my Mach 3 razor! We'll see how another round or two of heat pressing goes. Then I might look into picking up a fabric shaver. Thanks!
  8. MeiGray Group Coupon Code

    Funny, I was just looking around for a coupon code for Meigray since they had a spot for one. They put up some Adidas practice jerseys and I'm debating about picking a set up (white, black, red) for drop in and pick up hockey. Still holding out hope they'll put some size 54's on the site, but at least the 56's fit a little smaller than the Reebok versions.
  9. I like to think I know the answer to this question, but... is there any way to reduce pulls in a jersey? Example photo is 2.0 air knit material with an outline after the crest was removed. This is after a wash and there's some lint making the lines more pronounced, but still. I'd love it if I could get them less noticeable.
  10. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Replied to your reddit post too Thought I was a pretty decent Blackhawks jersey historian but when did Cosby ever do up Hawks jerseys? they were east coast. Gunzos was Midwest. Also dont recall ever seeing any year with the replica shaped tomahawks. Curious to know more of the history as the rest of the jersey looks legit from that era. Definitely customized more recently though as the font is different than what the Hawks used back then.
  11. eBay version 4.0

    Ugh. I hate you lowballers. There's a reasonable amount that could be offered which is low, but not a complete insult. But asking for 50%+ of the list price? Give me a break. I'll usually respond with some snarky comment to those people. They never buy anyway as they only want to spend what knockoffs are going for.
  12. 2018 Mens US Team?

    , was really hoping the jerseys would not be based on the Olympic template. Stupid ‘wings’ on the sleeves
  13. 2018 Mens US Team?

    What jerseys will team USA be wearing for these games?
  14. NA World Cup SAP Patch

    I had my USA WCOH jersey done up at EPS and they matched the material close, but not exact. The problem was no other team uses the same shade of blue as used by the US team. Since the NA jerseys are either white or black which plenty of NHL teams wear, I would think EPS would have that material since they currently customize NHL teams wearing Adidas. For reference, here's the navy material EPS used
  15. What jersey did you wear today?

    Nah, $35 replica eBay score. Removed the jock tag and shoulder patch. The adidas jerseys are lightweight, breathable, and this one is obviously white. I’ve actually found myself preferring to practice and play pickup in this jersey vs pro stock 3.0 jerseys I was playing in. It’s already showing some wear so it won’t last as long but it’s cheap enough that I don’t really care.