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  1. mdwsta4

    Newer Jerseys

    I stripped an Indo just fine. The one I purchased was stitched. Came off easily
  2. Definitely agree with the point you’re making. That said, I’d rather buy one of these than a garbage Indo if that was all that’s available at retail
  3. Depends on the team. When I had them do a navy USA jersey, no, the color did not match. Material seemed to be the same, but the color was slightly off. The dimples on the WCOH jerseys were closer to the retail Indo dimples vs MIC dimples; as in less pronounced
  4. That Casey is a beaut! Also love the Wings. Dazzle mesh is so unique! What's the 'Spiderman style'?
  5. This doesn't fit in my collection at all, but I thought it looked so cool I bid on it and won. Having buyers remorse so I'm sure at some point this'll be on the chopping block. Joe Pendenza GW Milwaukee Admirals throwback The nameplate and numbers are both sublimated material sewn onto the jersey. Gotta love how wonky the rear numbers were sewn on
  6. mdwsta4

    Newer Jerseys

    Just remove the shoulder patch
  7. mdwsta4


    If you have to go back FIVE years to find something worth commenting on...
  8. Yeah, he's the only player on the team I've seen with this anomaly
  9. Watching the Hawks/Habs game and noticed Drake Caggiula's jersey was missing something. I love oddities so it looks like I'm going to have to try and get this gamer! Do you see it? How about now? These errors always crack me up. Just like the 'Nashirlle' WC jersey here:
  10. I have black air knit fabric for nameplates somewhere. Just moved so I'll need to try and find what box it's in. DM me for what you want
  11. Man, that Larmer is sweet!! Great pickups all around
  12. The different colored logos are what makes them especially bad. Make them all the same color so as least they go together. Either way, not a fan. Shame they didn't go with the throwback warmups that were worn a few weeks ago (missed out on the close of the auction for them). Those looked awesome!! https://www.nhl.com/sabres/photos/2020-skills-challenge-photo-gallery/g-313510108/p-313510126
  13. Tell me about it! Dealing with that situation now. Potential buyer offered an off, but not too far off offer, I countered less than in the middle (so in his favor) and he’s still trying to haggle. This is as low as I’m willing to go buddy. Take it or leave it
  14. Same here. I remember getting their catalog and would circle what I wanted for Christmas
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