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  1. My Nike 52 fits way bigger than my CCM 52’s from the early 90’s. Especially around the neck. Consider players regularly wore Nike 52’s which would put it at the equivalent of a 56 in today’s sizing. I prefer 50/52 in modern cuts
  2. The gamer without the patch? I was under the impression the team used a single set for the second half of the season when they played this game so the patch was sewn on then removed after the game?
  3. I wondered who snagged that. Was close to pulling the trigger for price alone, but then thought about how big a size 58 Nike would be. I could literally use that as a tent
  4. Only real difference is the game worn practice jersey had all red or all black collars. Obviously regular practice jerseys have the contrasting white parts of the collar and back neck yolk. I really want to work down my collection to two dozen jerseys. At least I say that’s my goal. Was at 100+ and have about 40 at the moment. Trying to free up closet space and just keep stuff that is special (to me)
  5. I'll never pass a deal on an ultrafil. This is in mint condition so chances are I'll have some patches made up for it to replace my existing ultrafil. Sticking with one in, one out Similar to the red WC practice jersey I had done by CSL earlier this summer, KB67 made up a black Keith version for me Very happy with how this turned out, but it's going on the FS block. Trying to get close to that 2-dozen number!
  6. Funny, I was thinking about having these made up for the 2000 game and create this jersey...
  7. Sweet KHL jersey! I thought Lutch made them?
  8. Hmmm.... I purchased a WCOH jersey when they were first released in 2016 and those dimples were much shallower (almost like retail dimples), however I had a preseason Pen's jersey from the 2017 season and those dimples were the exact same as all the others I have. Haven't seen any NHL examples of different dimples
  9. I don't know if that's the case. Tagging is definitely different, but dimples and sizing isn't far off. Here are tags: Here are those same jerseys (size 54) on top of each other. The one from 2019 is just the slightest bit longer. Sleeve width/length appear to be the same Dimple comparison Dimples all appear the same to me This comparison actually surprised me the most. If you had asked me if the sizing between Reebok and Adidas was different, I would have said yes. But putting a Vegas 52 over this Hawks 52, the sizing is almost identical. The Kn
  10. Looking for a 1991 chicago all star patch. I’d love an authentic one but I know they’re impossible to come by. Good looking reproduction would be sufficient
  11. There’s a red on eBay right now. Debating about buying it... seller is open to offers https://www.ebay.com/itm/392938500008
  12. Well don't forget, back in the day the fan jerseys were called 'replica'. When most people hear the word replica, they probably think fake/knockoff. Adidas simply uses 'authentic' as a way to say it's an authentic licensed jersey for the team. I don't agree with it, but it is what it is
  13. The numbers are dual layer heat pressed vinyl? Very cool! I don't know the exact years the league wore Jofa, but it had to have been between 2001-2004, pre-lockout, right? I say that only because of the NHL shield. Then they switched over to the 6100 Reebok version, before the 1.0/2.0 EDGE followed by 3.0 and now Adidas. Maybe prospects wore recycled jerseys after the switch to Reebok? Edit, well this image threw my idea out of the window since it's from 2006 http://hockeyphotography.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/060915-New-Jersey-Devils-training-camp/G0000Ma36Mp.dafw/I
  14. mdwsta4


    Is that the same guy on ebay selling a pair? If he sells them, good on him, but those prices are insane
  15. But the jersey I bought at Dicks is 'authentic' and it has a fight strap! 😛
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