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  1. I saw a closeup on IG and thought the crest and the specs around it were all screened onto the jersey. Not a sewn crest
  2. mdwsta4

    eBay version 4.0

    Wow, never seen that before!
  3. Funny enough, the initial version i had made looked ‘too good’. I had them make the shield look worse on purpose so it was closer to the original. I agree, how sloppy some of the old patches were is pretty crazy. PM’s replied. I’m looking at $12-15 for the patches. If I sell what I have, I’ll basically recoup my costs of having them created. Not trying to make money, and i know how difficult the patches are to find, so I figured it’s a good way to give back to the community
  4. Anyone interested in reproduced Vintage patches from the 03-04 season? Had a handful made since I couldn’t find a loose one and it didn’t make sense to spend $100 on a replica jersey just to remove the patch. made it faithful to the original, albeit with a more defined (better looking) NHL shield
  5. I mean, the shells are on backwards and the colors/stripes seem off on the pants, but the jersey is definitely MIC
  6. I like the ‘puffiness’/depth of the adidas shoulders, but that’s about it. Much prefer edge and 2.0 air knit material. My dream jersey would still be an EDGE cut made out of ultrafil! Imagine the weight of that thing! If I ever come into a few grand of spare cash I’m going to commission a tailor to make one for me. After wearing modern cut jerseys so much it is difficult to go back to boxy 90’s era jerseys. The fits are so wide in the body and arms even when the sleeves are short
  7. I, personally, love the Stars jerseys. Preds had so much potential, but not a fan of them at all. The Avs... I can only hope that’s somehow fake. Otherwise I’ll have to buy one as it will no doubt go down as one of the ugliest jerseys ever and therefore skyrocket in value after 20 years
  8. I hate the Canucks, but loved that jersey when it came out with Reebok a few years back. Looks equally as good in adidas
  9. *shakes fist* at least they beat the Ducks
  10. Make starter material? That’s a first. I thought that was the problem with those jerseys (no one had the material)?
  11. EPS can do matching poo bear nameplates?!? Might have to reconsider adding one to my collection
  12. Hopefully there will be a better outcome against the Ducks. OT loss against the Kings hurt haven’t properly photographed this jersey yet, but so happy to have a TI Kane alt from last season!
  13. mdwsta4

    It is good or not?

    Starter used to supply namebars with jerseys back in the day. The fabric was unique to Starter making it difficult for companies to customize them correctly. It was nice that they included the material but obviously makes for a b**ch to customize them now. If I buy a starter jersey today I only do so if it comes with the name bar, is already correctly customized, or I’m okay leaving it blank
  14. Wow dude, all of these are seriously amazing!!! Very well done. Stuff like this is what collecting is all about!
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