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  1. I too saw those FB posts and it is a chilling and sobering reminder as to priorities and perspective in life.
  2. Does anyone know for sure if/when these Nike sweaters were worn and in what tournament? Red, Belarus, Nike: Angled Belarus crest (in English NOT Cyrillic) I've seen the Cyrillic crested sweaters with the flat crests, like this: http://www.gamewornauctions.net/products/2004_World_Championships_Ruslan_Salei_Team_Belarus_Game_Worn_Jersey-1963-71.html but not the English version Thanks for any help...
  3. I believe EPS does/did their sweaters and may have the real deal...may have to "let" them do the customization...but check it out.
  4. I was at an event put on by the Utah Grizzlies a few years back...Trevor Lewis (a local boy) brought the cup for the fans to see....if I am not mistaken, he was wearing...wait for it...a LAK Premier replica sweater...LMAO...couldn't believe it.
  5. As a general rule, to improve the odds of getting what you want, in addition to pics of what you want (preferably of a gamer), you should specify the nameplate material, fabric of the numbers (usually twill) and type of cut on the numbers (Stacked, Kiss-cut, Semi Kiss-cut) no matter who you decide to use. There are tons of threads that discuss these. Good Luck.
  6. I do like their (TTS) work on older jerseys however...they are taking a long time these days (i.e. like EPS-long) and last time I checked they do not have the Edge fabric for the plates newer jerseys. CSL has issues as well (as been discussed in other threads) as well as EPS....all things considered TTS is about the best but you may have to go with airknit material for the plate. All depends on how important that one aspect is to you. Just saying....
  7. I would think that those complaints are only valid if they reach the right person (or persons) at the NHL...not sure they read boards like this, you know? Then again...money talks, BS walks...
  8. Only use your last name if it the same as a player who wore the same vintage jersey...bottom line is it's your jersey do what you want but based on my experience, most people I know who have done this, regret it later down the road and pay to have it changed out (to varrying degrees of success. Good Luck
  9. I believe that on the Edge jerseys, Edge nameplates are the way to go...that is what I have done with my CBH Edge jerseys. I know that many collectors don't mind Air Knit plates (and save a few bucks in the process).
  10. If you want an Edge fabric Nameplate...probably CSL (make sure you specify). If you don't care on the plate (airknit), I'd recommend Triple Threat Sports, they do a terrific job.
  11. Worn 1 season 2008/09...nice find...
  12. My experience with CSL and Edges is that if youwant Edge plates, then you must specify Edge plates, they will use Edge material...but you have to be specific (pretty much like most customizers)...by "retail" they typically mean the stuff they do up for the Hawks stores in Chicago (including the United Center).
  13. Other than the ~$120, did you read the link you posted? http://shop.nhl.com/category/index.jsp?categoryId=13238477 And if I may quote you: "...read this. Seriously. it tells you the differences between every jersey." I too wish you good luck with your purchase (especially if you go with NHL.com)...
  14. Over the last several years, I have picked up a couple (both the Alt and the Dark jersey) ... size 58's and a few %* GCs ... so they do come up on occasion. Also, apparently the only place to get the arc on the plate correct is Denver Athletic (and last time I sent them jerseys, they were out of the proper air knit name plate fabric so I had to sacrifice a replica (which already had sacrificed the KOHO patch for a rebranding project I had)). You might check on that first or head somewhere else... Good Luck
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