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    MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA. Collecting jerseys from those sports, as well.

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    Philadelphia Flyers.
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    Pronger, Laperriere, Carcillo, Gagne, Giroux, Lecavalier, Turco, Bryzgalov, a few others.
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    Philadelphia Flyers Black/Orange/White Reebok Edge jerseys
  1. Andub

    2012 Winter Classic discussion

    I know I'm late, but congrats to Rangers fans.. I watched the game from section 142, completely surrounded by Ranger fans. All of them were really cool people though, had a great time.
  2. Andub

    Skatezone Jagr Jersey

    Is that a 1.0? If it is where did you find it?
  3. What's up Johnny, did you ever get that email I sent you last night? My internet was giving me troubles all last night, so the only sure way to find out is to ask, and I can't message haha. Feel free to delete this if you did get it, just figured id ask. Thanks!

  4. Ha. My buddy told me to join up last night and I saw your name in the members list. Too funny.

  5. kevin! howd you find your way on here?

  6. Andub

    Stanley Cup Puck Missing!

    My thoughts exactly lol.
  7. Andub

    It arrived today v2.0

    Wow Quagmire, I'm VERY jealous! VERY nice sir!
  8. Andub

    Have you ever had a "cursed' jersey?

    My Black RBK Edge Carter is badly cursed. Wore it 9 times during games, they lost all 9. Never again.
  9. Andub

    RBK Edge Jersey

    Yeah man looks sweet to me. Good to go!
  10. Andub

    Flyers Winter Classic nameplate material

    Hahaha @ Marshalls. Picked up 2 today, will be going to get some more sometime this week!
  11. Andub

    How to fix numbers with "folds"

    I turned a jersey inside out before and put a pillow case over the numbers and GENTLY ironed it.. Came out beautiful.
  12. Andub

    What I have

    Hey thanks man! I haven't been on here in a while, so the list has grown greatly. I must update soon.
  13. Andub

    Lindros vs. Stevens - the thread hijack

    HA! True story, my brother is best friends with Vinnie. He's been at my house about 20 times in the past year. My brother goes and hangs with him atleast twice a week.. / Adds NOTHING. Please carry on.
  14. Andub

    What I have

    Crappy cell phone pics, sorry. All XXL accept the Lemieux. That's an XL. Blank back If anyone wants to trade for anything let me know, i'd be willing to trade for a few things...
  15. Andub

    It arrived today

    I apologize in advance for cell phone pics. And the feet in the pictures haha. All XXL accept the Lemieux, that's an XL Blank Back 10/10 condition Alfredson 9/10 condition Blank Back 8/10 condition Gonchar 9.5/10 condition Lemieux 8/10 condition, one small spot on one of the 6's on the back and one little tiny pull. All authentic by the way.