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  1. Definitely with ya on the fight strap thing, though I have a couple fakes (White Selanne Jets, Flames Cammalleri), that have fight straps identical to that on my game worn and true authentics, HOWEVER, the material that attaches the fight strap to the jersey is different, on the real jerseys it is more like the material the numbers are made from and on the fakes it is just another piece of fabric like the jerseys themselves are made from, but in most cases, the fight straps on those knock-offs are brutal.
  2. I haven't got it yet, but I ordered a Winnipeg Blue Bombers jersey from there a couple weeks ago, still waiting, they said 4-5 weeks. But after reading some of the previous posts here I do have to say, I live in Winnipeg, where they're based and have been to all 3 of their stores. It's mostly teenagers working there and most of them will hardly lift a finger to help you, it's like going into a skateboard store where it's just a bunch of kids that want to get paid to hang out all day. They do have good stuff and good prices on some of it but I prefer to not have to ask anybody anything when I go there because half the time they don't have too much of a clue what you're talking about, I have talked to a couple of dumbasses at rcs in my time let me tell you, so when I do go, I genereally know what I'm looking for and if I can't find it I tend not to ask and then check here or ebay.
  3. Well, most of them do LOOK real. Most of them. To people that know what to look for, you can see the difference like you can smell a fart in a car. I have sold some of these jerseys (you don't have to say it I know.. I did make some good money though). Anyways, some of them look like absolute crap, some look pretty close, I guess depending where they're made, I don't know. Most of them have the cheapest looking fight straps, and the patch that is sewn on the fight strap is generally the same material the jersey is made out of, which most of you know is not consistent with a real pro jersey. Though I have a white Selanne Jets jersey and a Cammalleri flames jersey that have the same heavy fight straps that are on real pro jerseys, and my blue Selanne jersey has the cheap strap, but like I said, the material that holds them on is WAY different from the real deal. The weight of the jerseys are also quite different, even though my friend has a real Edge jersey (Luongo), that we actually bought for him from icejerseys.com that isn't all that heavy. I basically came up with this comparison by putting the fakes side by side with a game-worn Manitoba Moose jersey that I have. Basically what I saying is the real tell-tale signs are the fight straps and quality of the stitching.. and in some cases the smell, I wear my knock-offs for pick up and floor hockey, and my Cammalleri gets a fishy smell too it after it gets a little moisture on it, I have to wash it like 3 times and febreeze it to get the smell out.. anybody thinking about it, yes it's ridiculously cheap, and Gary Bettman doesn't make any money from it.. but it's still alot nicer having the real thing, especially if it's game-used or game-ready
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