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  1. I have this listed on ebay, however, I can end the auction early if anyone wants to make me a fair offer. Just thought I'd throw it out there fellas. http://m.ebay.com/itm/vintage-New-york-islanders-center-ice-authentic-jersey-44-fight-strap-CCM-nhlsM-/302251485925?nav=SELLING_ACTIVE
  2. Early 2000s Pro Player with fight strap, padded elbows, chain stitching. This baby has it all. I know these are some screenshots, and that might arouse skepticism, but that's only because I've posted this jersey in other places & it was just easier to go the lazy route. If you want more pics to prove it's mine in my possession, just ask. Size XL SIZE L Asking 90 for the Roenick sweater. 65 for the stadium series jersey. Stadium series jersey had the patch put on. I'm testing the waters on the pro player so if you want to make me a fair offer, fire away. Willing to do a package deal on all 3! I accept paypal. Thanks!
  3. Um...Ok. Thanks for the friendly advice guys. I guess I'll give it a shot & keep you updated! (And before anyone mentions it, I know it's not a 2016 WC, its 2015. Just a bad typo)
  4. Machine wash isnt going to ruin the chain stitching or anything? If you can't already tell, I'm really paranoid about this. I don't alway have an extra $300 laying around for a replacement. Thanks guys
  5. Very afraid to machine or Spot wash out of fear of ruining it. I honestly dont even know what the stains are lol. Only wore for the WC. Any tips where you can send a jersey for cleaning or what I can do? Tag says do not dry clean.
  6. Good points too. As a local fan as well, lets hope the outcome of the WC doesn't resemble in any way the outcome of the Hawks/caps game from tonight. :/ wtf?
  7. Agreed. I still can't move my SS Hawks premiere I got for the game lol. I love the black 3rd jersey they had back in the day, but the SS sweater butchered it.
  8. Okay, so here's the billion dollar question: Where do I get an authentic/edge?? The hawks website says you can reserve your jersey now, but they're only offering premieres. No thank you, lol. Are edge WC sweaters usually available to the public in time for the game? I was really disappointed I had to settle for a premiere to wear for the stadium series game last March because reebok said they weren't releasing authentics only for jersey baron to have stadium series sweaters available months later. I don't want to be fooled again.
  9. If someone has one of both of these caps and is serious about making a deal, PLEASE pm me. I am absolutely desperate for these two caps. No bandwagon fan here, its just that I wasnt into baseball hats back in 2010 (kinda regret it now)I just got into fitted caps a year ago and these two would be the Crown Jewels of my collection. Even if you don't want to sell, pm me anyways and lets make a deal, I'll make it worth your while! I also have some stuff Id be willing to trade too if necessary. Final price depends on condition and size of the cap. I will not lowball you, I am a huge hawks n bears hat collector & take my cap stuff VERY seriously. I am Paypal ready! NO JOKE!! WILL PAY!!! (Also looking for many other hawks & bears hats,fitted, snapback and winter, so if you don't have these particular two, contact me anyways & show me what ya got!)
  10. I'm looking at a Blackhawks 3rd alternate (winter classic style but NOT a winter classic) edge 1.0, size 56. I can fit an older hawks ccm sz 48 with no problem and with premieres, L or XL are just fine with me. Would a 56 1.0 be too big on me? I have a 56 pro player from the early 2000's and that thing is HUGE. I like my jerseys a little big on me, but not flowing and that's what I'm concerned about. Would a 7187 1.0 sz 54 be better?
  11. This a legit premiere? I know it's not an ice model jersey but I love the style that only come in premiere form. Thanks in advance! http://m.ebay.com/itm/321467772602?nav=SEARCH
  12. Same thing for the Blackhawks. I need to know if they're releasing an authentic or not. I saw some premieres of the SS jersey, and they look AWFUL. The crest looks like it was printed on cardboard and sewn on. I just wont buy one.
  13. Willabe and ward. Need to buy this patch bad. Been waiting around ebay but getting antsy here. If someone could sell me one or refer me to someone or even someplace that has one, I'd be really appreciative.
  14. Is this good? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mitchell-Ness-Authentic-1960-61-Chicago-Blackhawks-Stan-Mikita-Jersey-size-48-/271294146092?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item3f2a64262c
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