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  1. That was the one on eBay? That dude bothered me a little bit, he won it on eBay as well a month or two ago for 130 Canadian and immediately put it back on eBay for more than double #petpeeve
  2. Not sure if it's been mentioned, Meigray has a bunch of MiC Vegas blanks on clearance right now
  3. I love these! Something I need to so with my Gelinas patches someday.. Maybe a winter project.. Just basic picture frames with a black background?
  4. It's really no big deal to anyone but the pickiest customizers, and yeah, if you can't really tell then I doubt anyone at the pub is going to either. All that really matters, and this is important, is that someone find me a game worn Gelinas Canucks jersey..
  5. Exactly so, and the switch away from the pale yellow didn't quite go back to the original gold.. Here's a little cut & paste from gameworns from classic auctions, all patched so you know the years Also, for nit-pickings sake, all Ultrafil knit, Canucks were one of the last teams to go to airknit
  6. I hate to be a tool, hopefully it's just the camera, but if the yellows on these two jerseys are the same, then one isn't quite correct.. the yellow on the 92/93 was an awful pale yellow compared to the gold of < 91/92 and post 93/94
  7. oh wow Per, those are amazing! Congrats!
  8. haha, I agree, 1.0 feels like a silky ladies jersey, fits like that as well
  9. Stockton Heat did one game in a Flames jersey, no sign of AHL on there anywhere, not even the Cali and US flags instead of Alberta and Canada
  10. It finally popped into my head! I bet it's: And It's Not Even Close or it's Arthur never inwardly expects cheese
  11. That's pretty awesome, right down to the velcro A
  12. Wow, nice pickup LAK74!
  13. and here's yet another.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Justin-Williams-Game-Worn-Kings-Hockey-Jersey/303175436549?hash=item4696aa0905:g:79cAAOSwznNc8-c1
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