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  1. I think the crest is supposed to be all twill, not with blue embroidery. And, the white outline around the puck should be thin.
  2. My guess is it's some sort of radical prototype by Nike. It actually has two layers, the outer shell and an inner shell. This "buckle" system on the inner front replaces the traditional velcro fight strap. The strap is in the bottom hem and it wraps around the body. I used to have a white Canada Swift that looked like this. It had numbers in the font style used by Canada in the 2006 World Juniors. I thought maybe they were used in the Sledge competition (Paralympics), but I've seen pictures with the traditional fight strap.
  3. Putting aside the bad customization, it looks like a fake. The bottom back and sleeve ends should have the light tribal sublimation pattern Nike is fascinated with. http://www.ebay.com/itm/RYAN-MILLER-2010-TEAM-USA-NIKE-LARGE-JERSEY-RARE-HOCKEY-Sabres-Buffalo-Olympic-/270947349584?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item3f15b87450
  4. Now playing for the Avalanche, #2002, US WEST!
  5. The insides on the threes should have square right angles for both black and white layers, no small diagonals like on that Graham.
  6. Looks like a legit early blank M&N that was customized inaccurately on the back. It should have no name with the numbers up high on the back.
  7. There are some fake team Edge blanks out there. Here's a seller with fakes of Blackhawks red, Blackhawks black and Bruins black.
  8. Rookie, the easiest way to figure out authentic Caps jerseys is by looking at the front crest position. Genuine jerseys will have the top of the "t" in the front crest almost even with the bottom of the V-neck collar. Fakes have a much lower front crest like the one you have. Also, the white border on the Weagle shoulder patches should be thin. They actually have a thick red outer border. Fakes show a thick white border.
  9. F-liars


    Is that a prototype? The normal ones have the purple and silver swapped in the shoulders/sleeves and a silver hem stripe.
  10. The seller is this guy. If player size is a concern, I've seen a Seabrook gamer listed at 58+.
  11. Hi there, I'd like to have all 6 "V" patches. Are they still available?

    How much is the shipping charge for Germany?

  12. F-liars


    Unfortunately, the fine print says "Namebar not available" and their Premier Fleury pic doesn't show a nameplate.
  13. F-liars


    I already explained it here. He got the Wild Wing one minute after it was listed.
  14. F-liars


    Fake. The Roy jersey, that is.
  15. UPDATE: The form works. Amazon has shut down that fake seller's store.
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