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  1. It doesn't seem like there are any ground breaking changes coming.
  2. I'M EFFING BACK. I'm going to necromance this thread because I just picked up one of the jerseys from the tournament. Can anybody who has any photos of theirs post them in here? I've been scouring for photos, rosters, anything and it's really hard to find. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. haha that's the best thing I've read in a long time. Keep on keeping on Guam!
  4. Thank goodness Cody ended up on a team with a good game worn program (Meigray). So THAT will be happening.
  5. While I can't find any photos of him wearing it I would say the best player on the team during the time frame the jersey was worn, is Michael Frolik. Honourable mention to Jordan Caron and Patrice Cormier (good junior careers at the very least).
  6. I lived in Halifax at the time and saw a lot of QMJHL action. That jersey was never worn on the ice by Crosby. He only ever wore the standard home and away. I believe that jersey is an authentic with Crosby on the back only (and the wrong font as well). I'd say it's not one to get customized as Crosby.
  7. Great collection! I'm a big fan of expansive single player collections.
  8. I hope you get the refund you deserve because they certainly owe it to you. On a different note, this is some of the most amateur bulls*** I've ever seen a so called 'reputable' memorabilia company try to pull. I know people already have a pretty negative opinion about some of the things Steiner does, but this one is laughably bad. You need to (if you haven't already) rip them on every social media platform possible, or even contact the Rangers to let them know their partner is disgracing their brand. They deserve all the bad press they can get for this. Honestly, for a company that is supposed to be affiliated with the Rangers and the NHL this is embarassing.
  9. Great addition! I love this jersey design so much. Did EPS use a twill namebar? I know the Knights always use twill that is the same length even if the player name is shorter than the length of the bar.
  10. I have no paricular affiliation with Michigan or Ortmeyer, but that jersey is fantastic Mike!
  11. I like the way your collection evolved over the years! You have a great variety.
  12. What chow_hound said is true. Keep in mind that team trainers and customizers will never care about this sort of stuff a fraction of how much collectors do. They simply do not have the time.
  13. There are options other than Hodgson?
  14. Nice Chouinard jersey! The game worn addiction can take a hold of you quickly so be warned. The Smyth jersey looks great. I think the shoulder patches really make that jersey stand out. As does the colourful SCF patch. Though I am glad they went to the more classic looking one currently used. After seeing all the Rangers jerseys (which I do appreciate) I figured I had to post some to break up the blue shirt monotony. Here are a some of my pick ups in the last year. Not many sadly, but I like the quality over quantity approach. 2013 Memorial Cup Tyler Ferry. Not a big name, but it's very well worn and I think these jerseys are absolutely fantastic. 2012 Millionaires Tribute Night Chris Tanev. Just worn for the 2nd and 3rd, but a small burn which is nice. 2013/2014 Cody Hodgson White Set 1. Jersey is totally covered in marks (harder to see in small resolution) and has been matched more times than I can count. 2014 WHC Cody Hodgson. Worn for two games and definitely NOT washed. Nice burn on the arm which was a pleasant surprise when it arrived. Scored 1 goal wearing it which happened to be his first WHC goal. 2013 Subway Series Jonathan Drouin. Gorgeous jersey of a future superstar. Unreal talent to watch in person (which I was fortunate enough to in Halifax).
  15. I think it's fairly common to go through a slump during the off season. The mind wanders to things other than hockey. It's a travesty, but the truth. I'll post some jerseys tomorrow that I've hoarded over the past months and hopefully that will help either 1. Fill the void temporarily or 2. Get you kickstarted back into spending money!
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