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  1. hollywood

    Red Hockey East patch

    I'm looking for one to go with this jersey. http://grfx.cstv.com/schools/bost/graphics/bost-hockey-081810-600.jpg
  2. hollywood

    Making jerseys from scratch

    Marcelo, can you pull this one off with the Hockey East crest? SP has the blanks.
  3. hollywood

    Making jerseys from scratch

    So 12'' back numbers, 4'' arm numbers? Also, what was the size of the letters? I've contacted Gamedaysports already and got a price for the kit. Just want to make sure on the sizing. Not sure where to find the shoulder crests except ebay, any other ideas?
  4. hollywood

    Making jerseys from scratch

    Awesome jersey. Is this a K1 jersey? I want to do the same jersey.
  5. hollywood

    Red Hockey East patch

    I would love to find one also. Anyone have some ideas?
  6. hollywood

    How to get college jerseys

    My favorite collection of all time. I'm a goalie and wear the jerseys that I have so all your goalie cuts make me drool! My favorite jerseys are college and my number is 31, so jealous!
  7. hollywood

    How to get college jerseys

  8. hollywood

    Does anybody wear their jerseys?

    All jerseys worn on the ice and I'm a goalie.
  9. hollywood

    SVP Sports Sale

    Which location has all the jerseys? Also, have you guys seen many goalie cut sizes?
  10. hollywood

    University of Kentucky Hockey Jerseys

    Too bad they didn't match the blues from the jersey to the crest. Looks kind of bad imho.
  11. hollywood

    Major League Lettering (MLL) Gone?

    Any update wit MLL? They still doing quality work?
  12. hollywood

    Qatar Qanucks

    A buddy of mine plays there. The rink is in a shopping mall. Here is a clip from youtube,
  13. hollywood

    Stfx X-Men jersey?

    I got it for $150. It wasn't easy chasing it down but it was worth it in the end.
  14. hollywood

    BC jersey customization

    First place I would look into would be here, http://www.cuttingedge-sports.com/music149/about.html
  15. hollywood

    My EPS experience

    Has anyone ever made a list of the offical customizers for the NHL teams?