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  1. orangecrush8

    2018 NHL All-Star Game Jersey Watch

    What an emotional ride. Excited until I realize the metro won’t have either of the orange jerseys.
  2. orangecrush8

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Nice, love the JR! Bringing back that exact kit for an alternate next year would make me insanely happy. Did Keener re-do the entire nameplate? Nevertheless, the finished product is awesome.
  3. orangecrush8

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Joined the non cool kids group and got an Adizero jersey in Philly over the weekend. Given my history of attending just dreadful games in Philly, it’s gotta be the jersey that led to the 8 goal onslaught I also like the jersey. The fit is excellent. It’s of course not the same as Canadian made, but it’s far better than the Reebok Premiers
  4. orangecrush8

    Fanatics’ Raphael Peck Talks League Deals

    Personally, fit is absolutely a huge issue. And as someone who will probably buy one of the jerseys for going to games, watching at the bar, etc, this makes me very excited. Its 2017. Tailored clothes are everywhere, I'm not at all surprised by this feedback. To be clear, tailored doesn't mean skinny or tight. It means it fits properly. And to be quite honest, if the fit is anything similar to how NFL jerseys are after Nike took over, this is a big step forward.
  5. orangecrush8

    2016-2017 New Jersey Watch

    Such a let down. Perhaps its petty of me, but when your biggest rival's main colour is gold, you don't have a gold dominant jersey. Not to mention the gold looks so out of place with orange. I actually don't mind the logo with the gold outline, its the name, numbers and "C" I just cant get behind Yes I will still buy one eventually
  6. orangecrush8

    2015-2016 New Jersey Watch

    Not sure about the entire team, but the shield on Price's jersey has the regular NHL not LNH
  7. orangecrush8

    2015-2016 New Jersey Watch

    Personally, I think the Avs are taking a big step backwards. I loved their prior alternate. Also, words cannot describe how much I hate one layer names and numbers, it looks sloppy IMO.
  8. orangecrush8

    Customization Frustration

    I had similar issues with EPS and Josh way back when, before I just decided it's not worth the hassle of hoping it's done right in order to save a few bucks. I have a tough time accepting the argument that we make up such a small fraction of their business. It's not an excuse, we're still paying customers. And by simply blaming everyone and their mother for all issues raised despite guarantees/pictures/etc, it's poor business Moral of the story. Stay away from them unless they customize the on ice jerseys and/or you have seen photos of prior work and you're satisfied with how it looks.
  9. orangecrush8

    It arrived today v.

    Sweet Ghost! Also love those Jackets alts - the number font is fantastic
  10. orangecrush8

    It arrived today v.

    Big shoutout to Rob (Rob77ta) for picking this one up from the SkateZone and sending it back to me. Edge 2.0 sz 54 The Lindros/Leclair patches from Dan (Hollywood Cannon) are just perfect. Not a new jersey, but its got the patch now
  11. orangecrush8

    It arrived today v.

    The Ghost and Laughton turned out great. Yeah their customer service certainly isn't a strength. I had to call as well to confirm my jersey was done. Turn around time is solid (I was there on Saturday). I dropped off another 2.0 and I was told it should only be a week or so as they were going to be dropping off jerseys at PE on Sunday
  12. orangecrush8

    It arrived today v.

    2.0 Home Jakub Voracek. Picked this up at the Skatezone when I was in Philly over the weekend. Had Jake sign it as the Flyers Charity Carnival as well.
  13. orangecrush8

    It arrived today v.

    Nice pickups, Rob! I miss black Flyers jerseys
  14. orangecrush8

    Your top 5 favourite jerseys in the NHL this season

    Flyers road Wild alt Wild road Leafs alt Avs alt
  15. orangecrush8

    It arrived today v.

    Got my 2.0 Away in this week. Happy to have 2.0s of the current set. I'm leaning towards getting Mason custo'd on here. And no it's not a goalie cut. It's a 54