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    The Jersey Hub.com

    Has anyone orderd a jersey from http://thejerseyhub.com/ before? If not any idea where to get a SKA St. Petersburg 2011-12 Russian Hockey Jersey from? Any help is appreciated it.
  2. Has anyone ordered a jersey from this website before? http://hcslovan.allforfan.com/en/souvenirs/hockey/slovan-bratislava If not ordered a Slovak jersey from any source? Looking to pick up a Slovan Bratislava for Jaroslav Halak. I assume the jersey style that they offer is not what he actually wore when he played there but that's ok. Thanks for any help.
  3. Jerseys from both team USA & Germany up for auction. http://www.classicauctions.net/Default.aspx?tabid=266&auctionid=57&op=viewcat&catid=17
  4. Tim B

    Russian Jersey Sources?

    Maybe some of you have already tried but I had luck contacting a guy from Russia on the local St Louis Blues forum to track down a Sibir Vlad Tarasenko (Blues first round pick this year) jesrey for me. He himself had been burned by Russianjesreys.com in ordering a jersey. I also lucked out the same way in getting a Frolunda jersey for Lars Eller as well. They were fans of their local players and happened to visit the Blues boards and I reached out to them. They were both very helpful with me. That might be an option. Another route I took for a Vasteras Patrick Berglund was going to the team itself. That worked for me as well. I did have to wire them payment for it and that was expensive but I found someone else who was interested in one as well so we split the cost of that & shipping. It's not always possible and it does take some time but if you keep looking you can probably track the jersey down you are lloking for. I was told (not sure how accurate) that the KHL website should have a store on their site shortly. They actually said this week and still not there but you might want to check every few days and hopefully the info I received was correct. I did e-mail the site several times and never received a response. Good luck in your jersey hunting and here are some pics of the 3 jerseys I mentioned. BTW... I don't wear jerseys. Not sure why but they are just not comfortable to wear around. Had no problem with them playing but noit as normal wear. The jerseys I get are for my daughter. The problem I have is a medium is really to big for her. Tuff finding ones that fit her well.