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  1. NYIJM29

    eBay version 4.0

    I've been going to the "what's the most you'll pay" and usually I don't receive an answer back.
  2. NYIJM29

    eBay version 4.0

    Im sure I probably complained about this before, but has anyone else been getting messages from "buyers" on ebay asking "will you accept $x" instead of them making an offer using the "Best Offer" option? Obviously they are (a) lowballing and (b) window shopping, so they probably do not want to get "locked in" to an offer (if I were to accept). But I don't understand messaging a seller instead of just submitting an offer.
  3. NYIJM29


    Same thing applies -- if you see an error on a website, you need to quietly obtain. Otherwise, everything gets canceled.
  4. NYIJM29


    The issue is the Twitter people -- if you see a deal like that, you don't post it over the Internet until yours is in your possession. Smh. Rookie move.
  5. There are definitely employee discount codes available. Usually they change every season. It was most fun during the 17-18 season when a certain company used to let you stack coupons.
  6. I agree with holding a jersey -- very rarely do it unless it is someone I know. If I do hold a jersey, Im going to start requiring a non-refundable down payment
  7. I ended up not saying anything and I relisted it today -- guy messaged me shortly thereafter (first time since Tuesday) saying he is taking the jersey but he needs to figure out how to pay for it. Literally next message from him, minutes later, was "my wife forgot to pay for it on Monday," then after calling him out on it he said he was deciding if he wants to send pp FF or through an invoice (for more money). I pulled the offer -- had I known it was a "I cant pay yet" for it, I never would have been as flexible on pricing. If you are a buyer, be honest and upfront with a seller if you arent ready to pay.
  8. If a buyer makes you an offer, haggles, and then doesnt pay for 2 days -- is it rude to pull the offer? Especially after (1) you are giving a great price; (2) buyer said he'd pay that night.
  9. Nothing infuriates me more than the "You only paid $_______" messages or posts. Doesn't matter what I or anyone else paid.
  10. Lol. At least there is an offer there.
  11. Sadly, a lot of people do it when you post a price. Also, even on ebay there are the "what's your best price" messages and you get offered $150 less "on your lowest price" (on a $250 jersey).
  12. Lots of window shoppers. Lots of people who ask for prices who are unable to buy.
  13. I couldnt bring myself to read any of that. Too many words.
  14. NYIJM29


    Lol. We are all guilty of this.
  15. Still, they have tons of signed memorabilia in inventory. I am sure the game used is a small % of their business.
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