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  1. Past few pages were fire. Solid pickups.
  2. I heard retro for every team as well.
  3. I want to address the NOT Game Worn Hockey Jersey Collectors group. Most know that I am an admin there. A former IJ member and I started the group 5 years ago. The intention was for the group to be a new medium to display, sell, and share jerseys that were not game worn. Last night, an admin changed the name of the group to prohibit the posting of any jersey for less than $150. The admin has been spoken to and elected to step down. The group will not enforce the price limit and will be changed back (Facebook will not allow us to make the change back 28 days). We apologize for the inconvenience and scare.
  4. I hate people that mention auction prices -- if it was such a good price, why didnt you just buy it in auction? Also, they don't take into consideration the 19.5% buyer's premium
  5. I love it. LOVE it. I liked the "this guy posted old auctions on my post, so Im doing it back"
  6. Unfortunately, there is not much a moderator of a facebook/reddit/etc can do in the event someone is scammed. They cannot get your money back, but can boot the malfeasor. Like the general consensus, if you want to buy a jersey and be protected, use G&S (I dont think a seller would decline taking your money so long as you eat the fee). If you dont care about protection, go ahead and do FF. It isnt like anyone is saying "I will only take FF/venmo/zelle/etc." To change topics, how about that Jagr Caps thread in the GW FB group? Some of the comments...woof.
  7. Buy my s***! https://www.ebay.com/sch/jmoose29/m.html?item=174133970916&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  8. I am picking up what you are saying. It is ridiculous to lose a sale over $3 PP fee on a $100 jersey, in theory (or not pay the $3+ on a purchase to insure protection). But there are situations where I dont want to incur that expense, especially to give the buyer protection. As a buyer, there are times I would incur the expense for the protection, but if I "trust" the seller (and I know each sale is a different transaction), I would rather save the $3+ than have buyer protection (which is essentially insurance).
  9. Lmao the same thing has happened to me before. People need to think before they say things in a negotiation. When buyers start to justify things, I just get aggravated and lose interest in dealing with someone. "This sold for auction 2 years ago for $50 less." Ok, cool. Go in your time machine and buy it then. Like you guys have said, "just take $50 less than your 'best price" -- no, pay $50 more if you want. The other thing is when people drop big money on some things and then haggle on something small. Some guy was breaking my balls over $25 on a $325 gamer, but purchased a $2,000+ gamer the week before.
  10. I agree, but I guess the flip side is everyone has a max/min and some people are just stubborn. There were times I wouldnt take $10-15 off just because I knew someone (relatively sooner rather than later) would pay more. I also balked at jerseys because I had a max of $350, but the seller wouldn't go less than $375.
  11. Some buyers are looking to save as much as possible and some sellers want to save as much as possible -- you will be shocked how many times $5-10 makes a difference.
  12. That's also very true about the protection. I know there was a recent horror story on the GW FB group regarding a guy who tried to return something a month later and opened a PP claim. The one good thing with G&S is if you do provide a tracking and it shows delivered, the buyer cannot say they didnt receive the item, but I guess there are still other ways to scam.
  13. For sure 100%. I recently started using G&S because one of my friends was burned in a pro stock group. My new rule is unless I know the person from a forum or the seller is someone I have bought from before, I will not send F&F. People lose sight that jerseys are a hobby and nobody is forcing anyone to sell / buy. If a seller doesn't want to sell for less than $x, a buyer shouldn't be upset seller will not accept a reasonable offer of $y. Further, the buyer should not be upset that the $x price requires a certain payment method. It could be a cost of doing business for the seller, but since buyers want to spend as little as possible, giving the 2.9%+$0.30 discount is a nice option. If the buyer would rather spend more money for the protection, they should understand its the seller's right to establish the payment conditions. If the buyer does not like the seller's condition, don't buy or try to negotiate new terms. One of the places I eat at near work adds the credit card processing fee to the bill -- the deli made it clear that you can use cash to avoid the fee or incur the expense. It is my choice to (a) eat there and (b) use credit (or cash). The same is true for jerseys.
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