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  1. NYIJM29

    eBay version 4.0

    Which seems a little odd to me - just thinking aloud, and forgive my ignorance of the manufacturing of tackle-twill, but I cant imagine it would be too difficult to dye the twill/create more, no? I thought that was how a manufacturer made it and, for glacier twill, ran the regular twill through a press.
  2. NYIJM29

    eBay version 4.0

    As a heads up, Cutting Edge does not have any blue glacier twill left.
  3. Some new pickups. Gamers: 19/20 Chychrun Set 1 Third and Dennis Vaske 1997-98 Authentics: Thanks to Kris for the following: Mat Barzal 18/19 Bill Torrey memorial game MIC (this was previously a 17-18 game issued Calvin de Haan). I was always a sucker for the Stinger patch:
  4. I literally just came back from Stitches and they are unfortunately being forced by NY State to close until Cuomo's executive order is lifted. NY mandates that all non-essential businesses needs to be closed by tomorrow at 8 PM. They will re-open as soon as they are legally allowed to open.
  5. The Isles is an oval too. It is 10.25 across, 10 top to bottom.
  6. My Islanders sz 56 has a 10.25 inch diameter
  7. Past few pages were fire. Solid pickups.
  8. I heard retro for every team as well.
  9. I want to address the NOT Game Worn Hockey Jersey Collectors group. Most know that I am an admin there. A former IJ member and I started the group 5 years ago. The intention was for the group to be a new medium to display, sell, and share jerseys that were not game worn. Last night, an admin changed the name of the group to prohibit the posting of any jersey for less than $150. The admin has been spoken to and elected to step down. The group will not enforce the price limit and will be changed back (Facebook will not allow us to make the change back 28 days). We apologize for the inconvenience and scare.
  10. I hate people that mention auction prices -- if it was such a good price, why didnt you just buy it in auction? Also, they don't take into consideration the 19.5% buyer's premium
  11. I love it. LOVE it. I liked the "this guy posted old auctions on my post, so Im doing it back"
  12. Unfortunately, there is not much a moderator of a facebook/reddit/etc can do in the event someone is scammed. They cannot get your money back, but can boot the malfeasor. Like the general consensus, if you want to buy a jersey and be protected, use G&S (I dont think a seller would decline taking your money so long as you eat the fee). If you dont care about protection, go ahead and do FF. It isnt like anyone is saying "I will only take FF/venmo/zelle/etc." To change topics, how about that Jagr Caps thread in the GW FB group? Some of the comments...woof.
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