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  1. The Want List

    Hey everyone. I'm glad to be back. Looking for a 2010 HHOF Game Patch
  2. It is good or not? looks like someone took a blank vintage GC Knitting sweater and slapped a new sabres crest on the front... thoughts?
  3. DEALS AND STEALS no picture but not a bad price if its good
  4. New Arrivals v6.0

    Love that Sakic... Nice pull
  5. Ebay 2.0 This thing is amazing... but man it's getting to pricy Also Hi Everyone its been a long time!

  7. DEALS AND STEALS Just trying to recoup $20

    anyone around the first niagara center today 40% off all Buffalo 40th Anniversary logo items including sweaters. 25% off anything else in the store.
  9. Ranger v. Devs game 3/19

    Bickel should have backed off once Carter was hurt. He just kept pushing his head into the ice. That's not how you do it. Nome the less the whole thing really set the tone for probably the best game of the night until the last 8 mins of the caps wings game.
  10. Ranger v. Devs game 3/19

    So far this has been a pretty good game. Nice scraps, some real emotions. Good NHL night HATING the WINGS not showing up tonight though. Hurting my Sabes COME ON
  11. SVP Sports Sale

    What about Sabres whites 50?
  12. customization laugher

  13. Ebay 2.0 I know we have talked about these before but does anyone have a real story? Where do they cut them up? Where do they get the sweaters? Are they even credible? I hope no one ever buys this.
  14. customization laugher It seems like it could just be a fake but the sleeve CCM makes me think otherwise. Either way its turrrable.
  15. New arrivals v5.0