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  1. They just did a Montreal jersey for me…got it about 1 week ago. Right at 4 weeks total time, back to me.
  2. Thanks for the replays. It would not be for wearing. I would get the back name/number then signed…so the crest would not matter. However I am aware that since both the jerseys I hav are crested they would need to be removed. I agree that a goos seemstress would be needed…that was the origin of the post. How hard is it to remove the team crest from the front??? Could be just cut since it would show once framed, but probably easier to do it without. If I could find CCM Montreal uncreated jerseys I would go that way, but haven't had luck with that.
  3. Well…never mind….God forbid you just move on if your not interested. I'm a fan, and have great memories from my team in both jerseys. Its done regularly, I just don't know where. Now go back to picking a part the stitch pattern of the number on the left sleeve of that jersey on ebay. Never thought about a half montreal half boston jersey [half winner…half boston] …might be hard to screw that up, since i would send in two Montreal jerseys!!! So glad for the helpful input!
  4. OK…sticklers for perfect jerseys..run away. So i have a red and a white Canadiens jersey, I want to get them "married" together [half/half], then customized . I know I could go to local alterations store and see if they can do it, but i am wondering if there is someone/store out there that might have experience with this?? Any ideas let me know. I will try to attach a pic of what I am trying to do…obvisouly wrong team .
  5. Hi all, I have collected a nice little pile of signed numbers. Now i want to start putting them on jerseys. Looking for Montreal replica jerseys from the 70-80's. As a point of reference, the CCM Vintage series are very nice, but I swear i have looked and can't find a store selling them, unless they are already customized, or they have the red montreal jersey, and i need the WHite one! As a point of reference, I know the big memorabilia retailers in Toronto [frozen….. and AJ….]have players sign numbers then send the numbers out to be customized with CCM jerseys, I have several of these and the jerseys are very nice…where would i find them for sale, uncustomized??? TIA
  6. Hey Goalie, what was the availability of that all star jersey? Without the patch, looking for that jersey, but 1991 [Lafleur last all star game]. Thanks for any info!
  7. I understand what your saying, as well as the oh so helpful little sayings…however, the link i provided shows the jersey, and in fact shows the hx of the jerseys. Patches etc aside, the basic design of the MTL jersey really hasn't changed much, v-neck, laces, numbers in sleeve strip, numbers above sleeve stripe, etc. So again, anyone know where i can get similar jerseys to have name numbers stitched on? Might not HHOF credentials, but would look good framed on my wall
  8. OK, CCM seems to be the main supplier of jerseys "like" these: http://www.nhluniforms.com/Canadiens/Canadiens24.html Certainly Reebok won't cut it
  9. SHould have mentioned…Montreal, home and away.
  10. Hey everyone, been a lurker for long time. I have started collecting signed jerseys, trying to do it cheap by buying numbers then jerseys and having the sewing done locally. I am having trouble finding the late 70's era CCM jerseys in professional looking quality. I know when you pay for a signed jersey form one of the several places that do player signing they have the numbers signed, then send the numbers to a seperate place for sewing to the jersey. Where are they getting the jerseys?? The local person I have been using for sewing does a great job, but doesn't have access to good looking jerseys. Any info appreciated. TIA
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