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  1. yep. now the sweaters match the contestants.
  2. vadarx

    NHL on TV

    that sucks. right before the season.... as I previously stated, if you don't mind watching on the computer (or streaming from it to the tv), there are usually at least a couple guys in the game day threads on the 'hawks board that post links to watch the games for free. some of em can be a little sketchy though, lol.
  3. I have way too many of both, lol. but these are the new design, which I have none of, so I am good with it.... added bonus: we don't have to play in Philly this season, where we haven't won a regular season game since 1996....
  4. I am. I assume they will be available somewhere. I know I will be looking for one.
  5. won't have to wait long for that!
  6. agree. it is easier to like the aways than the homes, though. imo, anyway. you and me both.... I need a pair of em still....
  7. between those two? I'd probably go with Seabs. write in vote: Byfuglien.
  8. vadarx


    that's why I avoid such complications.... I'd like to see this as well. I'd do 50 bucks to see it. get enough people and it would for a good cause. I don't see how Tazer could refuse....
  9. vadarx


    mother of god..... no wonder I can't find one of these dammed things! 😅
  10. aye, you did. I was demonstrating to the board the effect sleep deprivation has on reading comprehension.... 😖
  11. nah, I hear ya. I haven't ever had the need to do that with a retail authentic or TI either. if I need it to be exactly exact, well that is what gameworns are for. I was just being a smart azz.... plus I left out needing to shorten the body as well... it is a little disappointing though, I set you up for the tap in there and you blew it... twss......?
  12. gonna need to shorten the sleeves if ya want it to be as close to what 88 wears on the ice as possible 😉
  13. that GW really makes that indo look like shite when they're next to each other.......
  14. vadarx

    eBay version 4.0

    I needed that laugh today.... 😆
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