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  1. Got 3 nice authentic for sale, 2 are team issued. All 2.0s. Open to all offers. Rather hear a low one than none at all 2015 Blackhawks winter Classic-52-nwot never worn- $250 obo Columbus 3rd blank team issued signed by a bunch of players. Won from a Penn state university auction for some cancer research. It was donated by the team. 100 obo jack Johnson Foligno Anisimov Atkinson Skille Johanson Boone Jenner Dubinsky Tyutin Wiznewski- 2.0 penguins size 58+ team issued new never worn blank- $175 obo
  2. Dawn soap soaked in for 10 minutes worked for me. Rub it in let it sit then rinse it out
  3. I have a 2015 hawks winter classic retail 2.0 size 52 nwot I'm looking to trade for a bigger size
  4. Goo gone. Worked on another one I did but didn't touch this one
  5. They were glued pretty solidly down. I needed something to get the glue to let go. How would you have done it?
  6. Acetone like nail polish remover or a different kind? Was an asham. I picked up for 30$ I wanted to put Marty on.
  7. Stripped this off with steam. Probably went a bit faster than I should have. Already tried goo gone. What are my other options
  8. I use Stahl's stuff. Can't remember the name off the top of my head but its basically a sheet of glue. Heat one side, peel the paper off the other side and apply to jersey and heat agajn
  9. Same feel same stretch same shine same silky. Can you gueaa which is edge?
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