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  1. I have a 2015 hawks winter classic retail 2.0 size 52 nwot I'm looking to trade for a bigger size
  2. Goo gone. Worked on another one I did but didn't touch this one
  3. They were glued pretty solidly down. I needed something to get the glue to let go. How would you have done it?
  4. Acetone like nail polish remover or a different kind? Was an asham. I picked up for 30$ I wanted to put Marty on.
  5. Stripped this off with steam. Probably went a bit faster than I should have. Already tried goo gone. What are my other options
  6. im about 95% sure its red edge material
  7. need a sharks teal nameplate long enough for roenick
  8. How would you identify a fake sochi olympic jersey?
  9. Looking for an early 2000 late 90s avs dark jersey. Already have a line on one but not sure if it's a good deal At 120$, same ffor an old might ducks dark jersey. I also need a blank authentic 92' ish dark pens jersey, like they wear as a third now
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