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  1. Just to answer from a post many pages ago, the Pens arena store has the new whites but they are Indos. All of their home stock is Indo as well.
  2. This. It is missed dearly
  3. All of the alt jerseys at Consol were still indos during the Cup final.
  4. Looking for a current Pens alt/new home 2.0 in a 54 or 56. Would greatly prefer one that is already customized but with no Cup Final patch.
  5. Adam

    eBay version 4.0

    I'm just gonna leave this here. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Mario-Lemieux-Pittsburgh-Penguins-Authentic-Center-Ice-Jersey-Sz-52-Cats-/321917851758?hash=item4af3cc986e:g:guoAAOSw5VFWQpyV
  6. I noticed that too. That's how my luck goes.
  7. Need a black Reebok wordmark.
  8. The rest of the site specifies premiers though. I've seen a lot of places that sell legit premieres while selling fake "authentics".
  9. I believe your first link is a fake. Edge authentics don't have the Reebok wordmark on the end of the sleeve. As far as your question goes, some teams are more difficult to customize than others. A lot of people on here prefer to have their jerseys done by the team supplier, which I believe for the Hawks is City Sports Lettering. You may find someone on here looking to move the jersey ypu want. Deals are possible.
  10. One more attempt Black Koho neck patch. If not, are the neck tags on the youth jerseys the same size? I may have some nameplate material available soon if nobody has one
  11. Yeah, he's probably getting a mini vacation for that one. You probably looked like this afterwards
  12. Adam

    Your Rarest Jersey

    My rarest one by far is my authentic 95-96 CCM Pens alternate. Got it for a hell of a deal compared to what I've seen used ones go for, I got it with the tags still on it. A grail for sure. Some of the stuff in this thread is way out of any league I'll ever be in. Truly incredible shirts.
  13. Not in my universe. It's like game wear in non-athletic terms. Next time you drop nachos or chili on you think of it like a stick mark or board burn. I won't eat certain foods in my more prized jerseys, but otherwise it's fair game.
  14. I plan on doing it, since I wear all of mine and don't want to fight the trash bag sleeves of a goalie cut. Sure, I've thought about buying one but when it comes down to it, the novelty isn't worth the money for a shirt I ultimately can't wear. I'm gonna have enough issues with that size 52 6100 that's gonna be a Fleury. At 6' 165lbs a goalie cut just doesn't sound feasible to me. But it all boils down to how specific you want to be. I avoid tags (ie wordmark vs vector), brands they didn't wear, Cs or As that don't belong. As long as the font and materials are accurate and it fulfills those others its a go in my book.
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